Manufacturing: The New Reinventors

Fusion5 has partnered with AU Manufacturing to cover a mini-series on manufacturing pivots/transformations and the role of technology in successfully navigating disruption. 

In this Fusion5 sponsored podcast, editor and co-founder @AU Manufacturing, Brent Balinski, sits down with NetSuite Solution Architect at Fusion5, Jarrod Tuxworth. They cover off Jarrod’s career path, experience at Tritium, a drastic client pivot example, how companies can prepare for disruption, as well as challenges faced by Australian manufacturers. 

Episode guide 

0:45 – Career path. Accounting and finance with a transition into more and more in the way of operations. 

2:19 — Previous role at Tritium. 

3:03 – “There’s nothing more exciting than working for a business that is growing at that kind of rate.”  

4:02 – Current role as a Solution Architect and the huge range of possible outcomes when implementing ERP solutions. 

5:10 – What manufacturers are seeking at the moment is agility. 

6:10 – The challenges of setting up Tritium’s Tennessee factory. 

7:50 – A recent client example of a drastic pivot. 

8:45 – Changed inventory management and sourcing post-Covid. 

9:50 – What companies should be focussing on in case they need to change course. “The system is everything.” 

12:20 – Some particular challenges that Australian businesses are facing versus their overseas competitors. 

Learn more about how technology can help your business navigate disruption.

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