Designed for Australian conditions

Historically, Amcor used Fusion5’s MyWorkplace time and attendance solution at some of their manufacturing facilities.

The in-depth involvement that the MyWorkplace team had with Amcor, and then later with Orora, led to many of their Australia-centric requirements being reflected in the design and functionality of MyWorkplace as seen today. The resulting out-of-the-box compliance has been instrumental in making MyWorkplace a leading workforce management solution for both medium and large Australian companies.

Time for a low-risk and easy decision

While Amcor Flexibles used MyWorkplace for time and attendance management at some of their manufacturing sites, other sites used deeply entrenched manual systems. By 2014 the decision was made to consolidate and insource the entire Amcor Flexibles payroll function, including MyWorkplace. 

Given Fusion5’s depth of understanding of the business, it was a low-risk and easy decision to decide to roll out MyWorkplace across all eight of the Amcor Flexible sites.

Payroll Manager, Kellie Bailey, was engaged by the business to set up an in-house payroll that integrated all the manufacturing sites, plus the corporate payroll. All the data from MyWorkplace had to be mapped to the new payroll solution, and MyWorkplace was implemented at sites who were still using card systems and time clocks.

Case Study - MyWorkPlace - Amcor Flexible Case Study - MyWorkPlace - Amcor Flexible

“For a manufacturing operation, with the rostering systems and leave planning that we’ve got in place, MyWorkplace does a very good job.”

Kellie Bailey, Payroll Manager

Right on time delivery

Given the size and complexity of the task, the decision was made to spread the process over an entire year.  “Even with a 12-month timeframe it was a fast-paced and ambitious project,” said Kellie. “It certainly was quite full on for a number of months.” 

Each site brought its own challenges, however the robust simplicity of the MyWorkplace solution won over local managers and users, and the implementation at this site, as well as the others, went well. Existing MyWorkplace users were given the opportunity to suggest changes as part of the implementation process. Satisfaction levels were high and very few suggestions were made.

Kellie worked closely with the team throughout the entire process. “I found the MyWorkplace team very organised,” she said. 

Case Study - MyWorkPlace - Amcor Flexible2 Case Study - MyWorkPlace - Amcor Flexible2

“They had a structured and well thought through process for us to follow that cut off old solutions and seamlessly picked up again with MyWorkplace. When we started switching over, it was down to the wire. MyWorkplace and payroll had to perform from that moment, so the quality of the organisation was critical.”

Kellie Bailey, Payroll Manager

Simple efficiency

Amcor now has close to 700 employees managed by the MyWorkplace solution across six business units.

Kellie is definitely a fan of MyWorkplace. “I’m really happy with it. It gets the job done, and it’s simpler than other solutions I’ve used. I’m very impressed with the level of support I’ve received over the last 12-18 months as we’ve improved our business processes. Fusion5 has developed some very specific reporting to help us become more efficient. The service is far above anything I’ve experienced before, and the MyWorkplace team is very responsive to our needs.”

Kellie particularly likes the simplicity of MyWorkplace, saying that it’s ‘less fiddly and convoluted’ than other solutions she’s experienced. Even exporting files into the payroll solution is easier and more direct. 

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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