The integrated sports membership and CRM system based on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

With Membership Management for Sports & Clubs you’ll be fully equipped to make intelligent decisions and rapidly deliver and support new services and experiences.

Uniquely flexible and powerful

Configurable and extensible, Membership Management for Sports & Clubs lets you adapt to change quickly and easily. Membership Management for Sports & Clubs centralises information, provides automated workflows and integrated systems to reduce administrative overhead. The self-service web portal allows members to update their details and options, and when integrated with existing eCommerce and website solutions, to make purchases, find relevant information, register for events and more.

A winning investment

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, it easily integrates with other productivity tools including Microsoft Office and SharePoint, further extending its value and productivity. Membership Management for Sports & Clubs is used by some of the largest sporting associations in Australasia.

What do you want to do?

Make better decisions?

Lead the charge in membership retention, growth and service delivery with business analytics tools and dynamic dashboard capabilities that deliver valuable real-time operational and performance insights.

Support existing member services and evolve new ones?

Keep your team informed so they can act proactively. With pipeline management, goals, and analytics, you’ll know exactly who to target and when it’s the best time to target them.

Simplify finance and invoicing? 

Configure invoicing against membership types, and manage payments for events and product sales. Calculate fees automatically, generate invoices, and use customisable workflows to seamlessly manage the financial lifecycle of every member. Integrated eCommerce and finance systems means there’s no need for complex reconciliations.

Get to know your members?

Understand members’ interests, and categorise them by demographics and membership type using inbuilt analysis tools. Engage in relevant conversations using the channels including email, SMS, and social media. Stay in touch with former members, and build referral networks to grow your association and increase its influence.

Consolidate your data for the greater good?

Gain a greater understanding of your members and stakeholders with interaction information stored in an integrated solution. Enjoy in-depth contact and company relationship management with tried-and-tested CRM principles.

Keep your members up-to-date?

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to generate targeted and automated communications based on major milestones during all stages of the membership journey. Deliver emails, surveys, nurture programs, landing pages, and forms.

Make smarter decisions?

Take action at exactly the right time to increase your organisational success. Use real-time dashboards to slice and dice information on the fly and gain vital insights from activity deep within the member lifecycle with inbuilt Business Intelligence tools.

Bridge the gap between data, insights, and action?

Create a smarter member, organisation and staff experience by using the workflow capability to connect applications, data, notifications, and events. Monitor activities across all your business systems in real-time, so you always respond appropriately.

Leverage your investment?

Deploy Sports Membership Management in-house, or as a hosted or SaaS solution. The full enterprise three tier architecture allows your in-house IT team to tap into a powerful application framework to manage and integrate your critical business systems.

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