Not-for-profit ERP


Be accountable. Stay flexible. Guarantee compliance.

"CloudNFP grows with your organisation and adapts as legislation changes. You'll be more competitive, achieve great company-wide visibility and maintain a high profile with your clients."


A powerful cloud solution for the not-for-profit sector providing NDIS-ready case management, financials and people management functionality.

CloudNFP delivers key applications for the not-for-profit sector in one full integrated package

Your work is important. And running an organisation like yours without the tools you need adds a wholly unnecessary layer of complexity and challenge. 

Add to that the changes to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and the need for an efficient and accessible information system is now even more critical. We understand why your organisation needs accountability and flexibility to meet all your compliance targets ahead of time, and with the least effort possible.

That’s why we developed CloudNFP.

It's all about making it easier to do good

Fusion5 has been working in partnership with NFPs for many years. We’ve used the knowledge you’ve shared with us to provide best of breed block-funded or NDIS-ready case management, financials and people management functionality, delivered as a single package.

CloudNFP alleviates your compliance headache and at the same time, it smooths the path for operational and service delivery across your whole organisation. So you can focus your resources on achieving your goals and increasing your social impact instead.

What do you want to do?

Manage everything with just one solution?

Gain organisation-wide management control of core operations like fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM), as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP), housing, inventory management, project management, eCommerce, Financial Planning, HR, Payroll and Case Management - all fully integrated.

See what’s going on, everywhere in the organisation, and at any time?

Get operational visibility and reporting with just a click. From donors and supporters, to volunteers, employees and clients - you’ll know what is happening in your organisation, anywhere in the world, in real time. 

Have an accounting system which supports you?

Manage your entire revenue cycle efficiently with a purpose built not-for-profit accounting system. Control your outgoings with total accountability and transparency. Use the planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools to promote financial stability and growth.

A straightforward support model?

Because there is one integrated solution, there’s only one support desk to call with any queries or difficulties. How simple is that?

Save time, save money?

See your ongoing operational costs go down and your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) shrink. There’s no hardware to procure, no middleware to maintain, and no large licence fee to front up with. You don’t need IT staff to manage, backup, upgrade, and test the applications. Automated upgrades are free.

Go mobile?

As you’d expect, you can access CloudNFP securely from wherever you have an internet connection, on practically any device.

Be social, build e-communities?

Enhance your e-communities and build support at the same time with inbuilt social media functions. As well as recording and evaluating results to show to potential funders, sponsors and supporters, CloudNFP shows everyone the difference you make.

Find out more?

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