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Success in the demanding and fast-paced wholesale distribution sector requires companies to operate with high efficiency and low error rates. 


That’s why tens of thousands of fast-growing companies are using NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP solution, to take on challenges ranging from tight margins to supply chain and delivery-carrier dependencies. 

Using NetSuite, distributors can run their businesses on a single, unified platform. IT costs are reduced while you simultaneously gain comprehensive, real-time visibility across your organisation. 

NetSuite offers built-in workflows for critical functions across your distribution business including commerce, financials, marketing, sales,orders, sourcing, warehouse and support with personal customisation available. 

With NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution you will acheive: 

An Omnichannel experience

Know how to handle orders from any direction, speeding up your distribution process and decreasing risk and time lost from on-site checks and balances.

* Engage with your customers no matter where they are. Accept orders by phone, online, direct sales of EDI. 

* Exceed your customers’ expectations, time after time. Deliver on time, every time while minimising shipping costs. 

* Empower your support team. They get a 360-degree view of each and every customer. 

* Expand your markets through inbuilt campaign management capabilities, marketing automation and detailed analytics. 

Stay in contact with all of your customers via multiple communication streams and across multiple platforms. Connect your POS and distribution work orders to ensure everyone is on track and up-to-date with stock levels.

Real-tme transparency

Develop a clearer understanding of how your organisation performs and be able to monitor trends, avoid stock-outs and focus on those activities or lines that deliver value.

* Turn your warehouse faster. Streamline your storage with deep metrics and inventory controls. 

* Reduce overhead and cycle times while increasing inventory turns and on-time delivery rates through NetSuite’s WMS functionality. 

* Run a truly customer-centric business with case management, return tracking, and self-service customer support.

Connect your barcode scanning into NetSuite, automate shipping updates and chase overdue accounts automatically. Automating workflows in NetSuite is user-driven, intuitive and eliminates manual processing and potential human error. All of these features result in better cost management with NetSuite.


Multi-location inventory management

Monitor goods across multiple locations. You’ll have a clear view of the entire process from source to manufacture, distribution and sale, or between warehouses.

* Achieve complete visibility across the purchasing process by leveraging supplier and vendor relationships. 

* Maximise your sales with high levels of visibility into opportunities, pipelines and pricing. 

You’ll be able to oversee everything, in addition to providing access for your vendors, customers and sales partners. Gain greater transparency into the progress of orders and project ahead to what may be needed week-to-week. Read more here on how NetSuite enables greater visibility into your supply chain.


6 Tips for Tackling Physical Inventory Counts

Physical inventory counts are a necessary evil for just about any company that manufactures, distributes or sells products. They’re critical to a business understanding and managing its inventory position and creating accurate financial statements. But that doesn’t mean your physical counts need to be as time-consuming and painful as they are today.

Today’s fast moving goods industry thrives on efficiency. From supply chain management to financial management, 
there’s zero room for waste.

 When you think about the system you use to drive efficiency at your company, you probably assume that you’re covered because you have ERP software in place. But do you have the most efficient back-office solution possible? In order to maintain market advantage, it’s worth checking.

You’re no longer limited to the locally installed ERPs of yesterday. Today’s web-based ERPs live in the cloud, allowing for seamless updates and lower costs related to physical infrastructure.

NetSuite is the cloud ERP of choice for wholesale distributors for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to manage the complexities of your business and scale with the ease of a cloud native platform.

What order management, inventory control and reporting workflows aren't being addressed by your current ERP software? How well do you understand what your current solution is doing for your business? (A great tool for figuring this out is our Navigating Change worksheet available below). It’s important to know what you actually need and to understand what your current software is (or isn’t) doing for your business.


One size does not fit all. Learn how we can tailor NetSuite for your business.

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