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Your guide to the many hats of NetSuite


Which hats does your ERP need to wear?

We've all heard the saying 'wearing many hats' to mean to have many jobs or roles.  Your ERP solution is exactly like this, or at least, it should be.  

Going even further, their will be specific 'hats' your ERP system needs to have in its wardrobe depending on your organisation's specific needs and the industry you operate in.

Discover the world's most deployed Cloud ERP solution - no magician's hat required!  Just one unified business management suite, capable of wearing all the hats needed to make your business run so smoothly, you'll have time to get out some of the more fun hats you'd like to be wearing!

In this eBook discover

NetSuite for Manufacturing

NetSuite for Wholesale Distributions

NetSuite for Professional Services

NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Software Companies

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