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Drive performance and processes to new levels with NetSuite for Professional Services.

Increase billable hours, decrease project costs and build transparency with clients through automation and cloud management.

With a NetSuite SuiteSuccess module made for the Professional Services Industry - Services Resource Planning (SRP), or a connector module for optimisation of your existing systems - Open Air Professional Services Automation (PSA). 

Staying lean, transparent to clients and avoiding project blowouts is a hard task if you have multiple data dependencies. If you're experiencing:

  • Anecdotal project updates, but no real-time costs associated 
  • Higher demand from clients for transparency
  • A decrease in business billable hours for administrative duties
  • Difficulty in assigning staff due to lack of real-time workload visibility
  • Lack of integration between finance and project management
  • Extended proposals with longer close times

Then there is room for improvement - and a higher return on your investment. With a Cloud native ERP like NetSuite you can automate, monitor and provide 24/7 ease of access so you and your staff can stay on time, on budget and on par with your competition. It can be a standalone module or replace your existing ERP.

If you're already hunting for a business solution, then cut to the chase and download our Navigating Change Checklist available below.

"We’d historically get month’s end data well into the following month. Now we have the data we need to make decisions when we need it.”


What could a good ERP do for you? Our Navigating Change Checklist will highlight whether or not your current system is cutting the mustard - or if you need an ERP system at all!

With NetSuite’s SRP and PSA solutions you can expect to achieve


Improved availability and utilisation of resources and reduced non-billable hours 


Improvement on report generation time


profit margins and billable resources 


company performance from any angle with self service reporting 


internal administration with process automation  

From Bid to Bill, it’s full service with NetSuite Service Resource Planning

+ Project management: processes that include project based accounting, resource forecasting, allocation and utilisation, and a range of other metrics critical to success. 

+ Resource Management: identify and measure KPIs, manage consulting and support services, and track and improve critical business processes.  

+ Timesheet and Billing: Maximise your resource utilisation, automate administrative tasks and increase billable hours. 

+ Project Accounting: financial management processes support billing, cash collections and end-of-month book closings. 

+ Expense Management: Improve time and expense tracking, and enjoy optimised cash flow, increased staff utilisation and more efficient project management. 

+ Analytics: Easily generate accurate forecasts and track KPIs so that you can make sound business decisions. 

Multiple branches in far-flung locations? NetSuite’s OneWorld connection gives your global services business gains with end-to-end real-time visibility from the top down. Multi-subsidiary, multiple currency, tax and language requirements are all possible with OneWorld. 

"With the level of visibility that NetSuite provides it’s easy to pull together the information you need, and then instantly output it in the format you’re after."

Sharon Butler, Business Advisor, Optimation

Professional Services Resources

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