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Mobile Work Order Management

Ditch manual processes. Improve productivity. Mobilise your work orders.

"As pioneers of custom mobile applications for JD Edwards, we have continued to build our expertise in capital asset management to help businesses realise their full potential."

Shannon Moir, Director Digital Innovation, Fusion5

Process work from the field and reduce double handling with immediate access to information and resources. Implement your mobile solution easily and seamlessly.

Mobile Work Order Management with JD Edwards

Is managing the workflow of field staff critical for effective management of your assets? Are you in a capital-intensive industry such as transport, resources or utilities?

Capital asset management can be challenging with businesses often suffering from inefficiencies and loss of productivity due to manual processes, double handling of information, and lack of access to information and resources in a timely manner. 

A better fit, by design 

As out-of-the box mobile solutions are rarely the right fit, Fusion5's mobile applications development team can tailor mobile work order solutions to suit your needs.

We start by understanding your business needs, then translate them into a user-friendly solution at an affordable price. The latest integration techniques are applied to get the best result, fast.

What do you want to do?

Enable field staff to pick up work orders on the go?

Staff can see which work orders have been allocated to them, as well as other work orders associated with assets they've been working on. View by person or asset, or choose from customised variables. And of course, new work orders can be created on the go.

Save on travel time by finding the closest work orders?

View heat maps of work order activity using the GPS on mobile devices. Staff can also use GPS to see if there are any other work orders in their current vicinity.

Add text and photos to work orders?

Attach text notes and photos to work orders. All data is automatically synced with JD Edwards when there is an internet connection.

Allocate inventory?

Workers can request inventory for a particular job and find the nearest inventory location. Inventory in JD Edwards is automatically updated. Context sensitive controls make number entry easy, so they can see the number of stock being ordered for example.

Work offline?

Switch to offline mode when working in an area with no internet connection. When in range, any new data to and from JD Edwards will automatically synchronise with the app.

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