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Mobile Purchase Order Approval and Delegation

Speed up processes. Simplify delegation. Make instant decisions.

"Our mobile applications ease the load on businesses by streamlining processes while improving user engagement, productivity, and efficiency."


Make purchase order decisions from anywhere with a lightweight and simple mobile app.

Mobile Purchase Order Approval and Delegation with JD Edwards

Do you want to speed up your purchase order approval and delegation process?  

Procure goods and services faster so you can get on with completing projects and other tasks sooner.

No need to log into JD Edwards on the desktop. The mobile Purchase Order Approval, myApproval, Purchase Order Delegation, and myDelegation apps allow purchasing staff to approve or decline and delegate purchase orders on the spot.

Streamline processes

Eliminate costly delays in the procurement process by reducing the time spent waiting for purchasing decisions to be made and delegations to be managed.

Easy to install and use

myApproval and myDelegation are developed on a framework that is designed with mobile devices in mind. The smart, adaptable user interface platform is easy to view and use from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It is supported on popular mobile platforms Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

What do you want to do?

Speed up decision making?

Purchase order approval and delegation is one of the many moving parts of a business that can have a significant flow-on affect if delayed. Mobilising this task makes the process quicker and easier for purchasing staff. Approvals and delegations can be made outside the office. No need to wait to log into JD Edwards on the desktop or laptop.

Automatically delegate purchase orders?

Delegate now or set a date for the app to automatically delegate in the future. Automation addresses the shortcomings of JD Edwards. You can 'set and forget', so you don't need to remember to transfer delegations later.

Customise the purchase order app?

Our mobile apps can be quickly and easily customised to suit your needs including customised field names, corporate branding and colours, tailored screens/pages, security and other information. 

Ensure access and data is secured?

myApproval and myDelegation enforces existing JD Edwards' authentication and functionality. It is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Realise ROI quickly?

Low initial and ongoing costs allow you to realise ROI sooner compared to other mobile purchase order approval and delegation products.

Engage users with an easy to use app?

myApproval and myDelegation is so simple to use that no training is needed. Our user guide is all you need to get started.

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