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ERP Analytics

Drive value. Gain actionable insights. Make smart decisions.

ERP analytics tool for JD Edwards built on the Powerful Google Analytics Platform

Do you want real insights into your ERP usage and performance that unearths opportunities to improve efficiency? Do you want to better plan your upgrades, testing and training? 

Or perhaps you need help maintaining your Standard Operating Environment?

Before you spend too much time and commit too many resources to implementing, maintaining and updating your ERP, turn your JD Edwards usage data into actionable insights.

Link your JD Edwards ERP into the Google Analytics platform to access their powerful engine. By analysing the behaviour of your systems and users, you can apply improvements where it matters the most.

Approach system upgrades intelligently

Undergoing an entire system upgrade is a resource intensive undertaking. It's easy to assume you need to transfer all objects and customisations from the existing system. Data collected by ERP Analytics identifies which customisations are used most heavily, or not at all. Save considerable time by focusing on work that matters. Usage data can also help you outline the priority of each transfer.

In the last two years, ERP Analytics has prevented the unnecessary retro fit of 100′s of JD Edwards objects - saving our customers significant time and money.

Evaluate and optimise user engagement, productivity and systems performance.

Get more out of your JD Edwards investment.

What do you want to do?

Identify application performance issues?

Monitor performance and compare with benchmarked metrics. Gain insights by drilling down to see when certain objects are used, for how long, by whom, where they are used from, and the environment used to access your ERP.

Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency?

Deliver maximum impact by focusing your efforts where users spend the most time. Gather metrics on browser and server speed, page load time, operating system version, mobile device, location, and more.

Decide which objects to carry over to your JD Edwards upgrade?

Evaluate user behaviour for insights on how best to approach your upgrade project. Not all of your ERP objects and forms are necessarily used. Decide what to transfer and what to leave behind.

Plan user acceptance testing and training?

Develop testing and training for the right users, in the right areas. During testing phase, ERP Analytics can establish which forms and versions are used the most, and by whom, in your production environment. This tells you which users should be performing the tests and in turn, what to include in training programs and who should be trained.

To ensure thorough testing and training is taking place, you can report on who has logged into the testing and training environments and which applications were run.

Maintain Standard Operating Environment (SOE)?

Investigate any users operating outside of your SOE by looking into the technologies and applications used to access your ERP. Drill down to find gaps in user, technology, security and performance requirements.


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