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V/line stays on track

With their ERP migration to AWS

Case Study: V/line Finds Faster Performance in the Cloud

V/line stays on track with their ERP migration to AWS V/line had a public cloud version of JD Edwards 9.1 - but we made it better - much better. We were able to host it in AWS, providing better performance and better stability than the encumbered cloud provider.

In less than 4 months this ambitious project was able to transform v/lines hosted JD Edwards ERP into an elastic and highly available public cloud application.

Fusion5 provided all project management, technical architect, functional and testing resources to make this project a success. ​

The foundation of any ERP is the database. The implementation for v/line was using AWS (Amazon Web Services) Oracle RDS offering.

What we did.

The devil is in the detail

Our public cloud installations for JD Edwards start with architecture. We architect DR (Disaster Recovery) and HA (High Availability) to ensure that your BCP (Business Continuity Planning) requirements are met as a foundational requirement. AWS enables us to have a highly available environment spanning multiple availability zones geographically located in Australia. This ensures that data sovereignty requirements are being met, but also BCP requirements. ​

Migration to AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) was seamless and provides a scalable and fast platform for all of JD Edwards' processing requirements - whether that is lightning fast interactive inquiries or process intensive batch jobs.

AWS has changed the game for ERP installations. We no longer spend all of our time sizing, this can be done with a simple load testing exercise at the end of the project.

All of the customers UPK content was also securely bought over and hosted in AWS to ensure that people could train and be kept up to date with the amazing enhancements that are continuously being put into JD Edwards. ​A project like this can be purely "lift and shift", or it can be a complete rearchitecture. Fusion5 like to embrace the AWS CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) to ensure best practice migration techniques are being followed to ensure workload transfers are seamless. ​

Users at the end of this project were asking "was anything done"? over the go-live weekend - as everything was working so well. No changes to URLs, no changes to browser settings - just a modern ERP now elastically hosted in a modern public cloud environment. ​

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