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Case Study: Oilsearch Joins the Cloud

Oilsearch had been running their ERP successfully on an ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) and started to look to the cloud for an alternative platform.

Fusion5 played an instrumental role in the migration and transformation of their on premise monolithic ERP to a modern public cloud based instance.

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Cloud First

An impending office move and reduction of computer room real estate forced an aggressive project with a go-live that could not be missed. ​

Fusion5 came to the rescue assisting to architect and migrate JD Edwards from on premise to AWS. OilSearch had already started commissioning assets within AWS, which made the migration easier in some respects. When clients understand what is easy in the cloud, they allow architectural decisions to be made quickly and easily. ​

OilSearch also took advantage of oracle database as a service (RDS) in AWS. This allows them to spend less time managing and monitoring databases and more time adding true value to business decision making processes. ​

Fusion5 has found that embracing cloud can free up intelligent resources to add more value and more insights into the decision making processes of the business. At the end of the day, this creates better and faster decisions.

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