Google Analytics for Pivotal

Fine tune your Pivotal CRM


Collect Real User Insights with Google Analytics for Pivotal

Pivotal CRM plays a mission-critical role in your organisation and serves a wide internal and external user base.

Google Analytics for Pivotal works across Pivotal Smart-Client to enable you to drive continuous improvement initiatives and efficiencies. 

Introducing Google Analytics for Pivotal

Google Analytics for Pivotal delivers you valuable insights based on real user behaviour, system performance and user navigation patterns.

Turn insights into actions which make a real difference to your organisation and users.

Improve navigation for users

Benchmark process and system performance

Monitor key processes

Identify application performance issues

Enhance processes and functions

Track workloads and user behaviours

Design user and operational improvements programs

Report on progress and improvements

Enhance business productivity and the user experience

Identify where you can enhance productivity or system performance by comparing Page Views, Sessions and Average time on page, and pinpointing specific user actions.

Detect which features, or parts of the system, are most heavily used within your organisation. Align your Pivotal systems navigation, form layouts and dashboards to improve the user experience.

Understand what information and functions are accessed and used to inform where to invest in value-added functionality. Focus on targeted and relevant customisations, and eliminate guesswork and assumptions from performance and usability conversations.

Improve your system performance and navigation

Improve performance by comparing Page Timings and checking out Speed Suggestions. Quickly pinpoint room for improvement on commonly executed tasks or poorly performing forms.

Design better forms by identifying commonly accessed searches and navigation flows.

Ensure the right information is available when and where the majority of users require it.

Know where to start with your UX projects 

Planning on deploying UX and don’t know where to start?

Using the Google Analytics data, easily pinpoint the most used areas of the application to advise the scope for your UX deployments.

Use real user data to ensure UX projects will serve the users based on what they actually need. The user behaviours can inform how to best architect the UX functionality to work the way your users work.

How it works   

Fusion5 has developed a small plug-in that can be deployed to the Pivotal client machines.

The plug-in is available for both Click-once and Packaged Client deployments. It's loaded with the Smart-Client and captures events from the Smart-Client framework, translating these events into usable analytics using the Google Analytics engine. The plug-in handles the events issued by the framework independently of the Smart-Client, having almost zero impact on the performance of the client.

How to get started

The Google Analytics for Pivotal plug-in is provided on an annual subscription basis per production system. 

Once you have purchased your subscription: 

  • Fusion5 will send you the plug-in along with the deployment instructions
  • Fusion5 will link your Gmail address to a specific Google Analytics account so you can track the analytics and provide you with access to manage and monitor user activity
  • Deploy the plug-in to users via Click-once or packaged client
  • After you have successfully deployed Google Analytics, Fusion5 will provide a report on key insights that you can use to further enhance your system

To maintain privacy, Google Analytics for Pivotal does not capture specific usernames or specific records within the database.

Simple to buy, easy to install

  • One low price per annum: Subscribe to Google Analytics for Pivotal now for US$3,790 excluding taxes, per annum
  • Get up and running quickly: Google Analytics for Pivotal is supplied with installation instructions for your Systems Administrator to set up through Click-once or package deployment

Find out how you can fine tune your Pivotal CRM with insights based on real user behaviour, system performance and user navigation patterns.

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