Corporate Performance Management

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What is Corporate Performance Management?

While Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is generally viewed as an umbrella term for describing the various metrics, systems and processes we use to manage the overall performance of an organisation, it is the software applications behind CPM that do the work that help you make informed business decisions and measure\predict corporate performance.

CPM applications give organisations the ability to translate their strategically focused information and data into aggregated results, enabling you to create operational plans, change direction and form policy. These applications are often integrated into a number of elements of the planning and control cycles, or they will generally address business activity monitoring and the optimisation of customer relationship needs.

It is vital that whatever your goals are around achieving a certain level of CPM that it is supported by a suite of analytical applications to provide the functionality to support these methodologies, processes and metrics.

Depending on your business size, structure, needs and existing technologies, we have a CPM solution to suit your needs.

CPM Solutions

As a result of the recent acquisition of MindFull, leading Business Intelligence and Analytic Consultancy firms, we also offer a range of Enterprise Data Management, Integration and Reporting, and Governance solutions. 


Planning Analytics & Out of the box planning


Planning Automation & Cognos Analytics


Data Valuation & Data Governance


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