It’s a passion to learn, succeed, and change the world. Education and Training is all about people.

Student Management

TAFEs, Polytechs and high education providers need to create and optimise the student experience, drive recruitment, advance digital and online strategies, and meets key operational and compliance requirements of the sector today. Support the student life-cycle. Empower the enterprise. Be people-centric.

Industry Training Organisations

ITOs are constantly balancing the requirement to engage with employers, with an integrated hub across the enterprise and training functions including integration to TEC, NZQA and MOE. Purpose-built for New Zealand ITOs, people. is designed to be flexible and support ITOs to extend their value chain and digitise their processes.

Registered Training Organisation

As a RTO, meeting ever changing compliance requirements whilst ensuring high levels of student engagement and education outcomes is critical. Consolidate multiple systems to keep across the student management, compliance and operational functions.

Group Training Organisation

As a GTO, it’s crucial to be efficient, effective and compliant. It’s just as important to build deeper relationships with your host employers and their apprentices. Keep track of both large and small employers and to understand what their needs are.

people. provides a powerful, integrated, people-centric platform across the engagement and student experience as well as academic, operational and compliance functions.

Traditionally, Trainee/Student Management Solutions are transactional and financially centric and leave out the people.

To close the gap, organisations need to integrate separate systems making it difficult and costly to respond to digital services and engagement expectations.

Education is about people.

people. helps educators create and optimise the student experience, drives recruitment, advances digital and online strategies, and meets key operational and compliance requirements.

"In developing people. we have focused on keeping pace with the challenges posed to the sector by a rapidly evolving digital era."



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