With customers expecting higher levels of personalisation at every touch point, your business can’t afford to guess the missing pieces of the puzzle.

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Guess Who quiz

Is talking to your customers like playing a game of Guess Who? Successful businesses know staying competitive is about knowledge and relationships. Are you guessing or winning?

Knowing WHO you’re talking to is your key to success. We appreciate that this isn’t always easy. Especially for small and medium sized businesses without extensive sales and marketing teams. So how do you ensure everyone in your team has ‘all the information’ they need when they’re talking to a customer or prospective customer? And feel confident that data is safe?
Walk through this short quiz, as if someone has just called you up, and better understand why having a complete view of them and their interactions with your business is better than playing...Guess Who?!

Six key questions:
How well do you know your caller?

1. Are you a prospect or an existing customer?

Just like your mother-in-law, customers love it when you know ‘it’s them’ when they call, and can talk about their specific situation. But short of tagging every customer with a cute caller ID in your cell phone (The Old Trout) a CRM can be your cost-effective best friend for keeping your relationships sweet. Did you know? It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one!

2. Are they from a B2B organisation?

Did you know? The average enterprise-level sale requires 6.7 decision makers. Whoa! Effectively map organisational charts and contacts with a CRM system to help you navigate.

3. Does your caller work in the retail industry?

Just like our customers, we tend to favour those we think understand us. Industry-specific solutions can help you cultivate that sense of understanding, and a CRM that helps you segment contacts by industry so you can share relevant case studies, testimonials, products and services uniquely valuable to them will help earn you brownie points for sure!

4. Did they purchase anything from you recently?

Knowing a customer’s purchase history gives you great insight into how to anticipate their needs, and make better sales going forward. After a successful purchase, customers are generally primed to continue interacting with your business! But what about the stuff they’re just thinking about — like those new items you’ve put up on the website. The right CRM will give you a heads up about what they’re ‘window shopping’ so you can followup with reviews, data, or even a discount to entice them to ‘buy now’!

5. Do you know what they need?

Are customers not recognising the value in your product? A disconnect in product-market fit could be turning your prospects and customers away from your business — but how would you know?

The right CRM can not only help solicit great feedback that will help you offer solutions more aligned to their evolving needs, it can also help you build stronger relationships with those customers as you deliver more and more meaningful products and services that genuinely solve their problems.

6. Is the caller's information safe, or about to walk out the door with your best sales rep?

One of the biggest threats a business faces is the loss of sensitive, valuable, customer data. Not only is this a costly security risk, worse almost, is the threat that your best (and supposedly most loyal) customers, and all their contact info, history, insights, and other key data, could disappear on a USB stick when your best (or worst!) salesperson leaves.

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