Health Check

Microsoft Office 365

Ensure your Microsoft Office 365 environment is set up correctly

Be assured the right security is in place to suit your needs

Make sure you are getting all the value that you are paying for

Microsoft’s Office 365 provides a powerful suite of productivity tools for your business. When configured correctly, Office 365 can drive incredible business efficiency gains, in a secure way.

A health check from Fusion5 ensures your setup is optimised, and you’re gaining the maximum value from your investment.

How do we do this? By focusing on the core elements of collaboration tools, identity management and security, we make sure you are leveraging the most out of your investment, and at the same time providing your team with an easy to use set of tools in a highly secure environment. We fast track your adoption, use and success, ensuring your team works better, together.

As a Modern Workplace and Security partner, Fusion5 has the know-how and skills to make a real difference in productivity and cyber security. Our Office 365 health check is performed at fixed cost, and in as little as three elapsed days. We need only 2 hours of your team’s contact time and in return we will provide clear answers to common questions, such as:

  1. Cloud is constantly updating, so is my Office 365 still set up correctly?
  2. Are all the security measures needed enabled correctly?
  3. Are the emails being received safe to open?
  4. Are we making the best use of all the Microsoft tools that we’ve invested in? 5. How can I detect and prevent unauthorised users accessing my data? Automatically?

Introduction - Objectives and Benefits

During an initial 30 minute intro session, the Fusion5 team will provide an overview on how the health check will proceed. Then, following our investigation, we will spend an hour to hand back the results:

  • Assessment of your as-is Office 365 environment
  • Assessment of your current security stance maturity
  • High-risk areas
  • Areas for improvement
  • Recommendations to align to Microsoft’s best practice
  • Recommendations to improve efficiency and user productivity


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Review Focus

Office 365 Health Check Report

So, what do you get at the end of a Fusion5 Microsoft Office 365 Health Check?

We will deliver and present to the resultant report. This includes a concise Executive Summary plus specific recommendations for improvement, as well as how to address high-risk items.

The handback session completes the engagement, tabulating the results as a presentation. Recommendations are provided in a priority order and the intent is to create a practical tasklist that can either be rectified by your internal team, or that Fusion5 can engage further to remediate.

Following on from our initial workshop and on-boarding session, the review focuses on 10 key areas:

  • Service Health
    Incidents and advisories so you understand ‘under the covers’ better
  • Secure Score
    Understand your current level of security
  • Software
    What software are available for installation – Make the most of what you are already paying for
  • Licenses
    All available licenses – Utilisation reporting to be informed & in control Domains Understand the scope of what is being managed under Office 365
  • Global administrators
    Ensure you know who has complete access to your data & services so best practice can be applied
  • Account summary
    Know your organisation, its setup of “identity” which is the basis for security and data access management
  • Multi Factor Authentication
    Understand exactly where you are with the #1 security imperative to reduce risk of data breach / loss
  • OneDrive for Business
    Storage – current and past staff
  • Teams
    Access control (private vs public); #insights to ownership and usage within & externally
  • SharePoint Online
    Enterprise data management