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Maximise operational efficiency & profitability with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


From planning to production, inventory and warehousing to transportation management, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (formerly part of the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations solution) now exists as a separate, flexible solution to transform manufacturing and supply chain operations, maximising operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability, using AI and IoT to supply actionable predictive insights.

Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations

  • Create a connected factory to drive smarter processes and operations by using IoT, AI, machine learning, and mixed reality to optimise people, processes, and equipment.
  • Simplify resource management across any workload with an intelligent solution that helps you track and manage your resources—from your workforce to machines and tools.
  • Create best-fit manufacturing processes—discrete, lean, project, process, and mixed-mode—to address all your needs with a single solution.
  • Deliver mixed-mode manufacturing to support all your manufacturing strategies, including make to stock, make to order, configure to order, and engineer to order.
  • Perform production planning in real time—reducing lead-time for new demands and supply—with Planning Optimisation Preview.
  • Accelerate product delivery by automating the flow of information and materials through your resources and locations.

Modernise warehouse management

  • Gain complete end-to-end visibility of your warehouse operations and inventory to effectively manage capacity and consumption of your raw materials and movement of finished goods in real time.
  • Automate and scale your warehouse management to optimise use of space—from simple stock rooms to distribution centers. Effectively manage materials and finished goods with configurable machine learning-based guidance.
  • Get real-time intelligence about the health of your warehouse with out-of-the-box Power BI warehousing analytics that gives you full visibility of your inventory and receiving, picking, and shipping operations. Easily create no-code customized heatmaps of your warehouse processes.
  • Improve productivity with a mobile app that can be tailored for employees and warehouses to simplify the performance of daily tasks.

Automate and streamline your supply chain

  • Get a complete view of your supply chain across geographies and time zones when you integrate sales and purchasing with logistics, inventory, production, warehouse, and transportation management.
  • Streamline your procurement processes by using a single application for procure-to-pay to manage contracts, onboard vendors, monitor on-time delivery performance, and collaborate with external vendors.
  • Improve customer orders and delivery with more accurate delivery date estimates that take into account material availability and capacity constraints across companies, sites, and warehouses.
  • Optimise fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronising logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes.
  • Accelerate product delivery by automating the flow of information and materials through your resources and locations.
  • Increase quality and customer satisfaction with integrated quality control capabilities, and quickly identify and resolve issues through real-time, predictive insights.

Optimise production performance

  • Make proactive, actionable decisions with a real-time view of your entire production and stock. Proactively manage shop floor and equipment operations to improve uptime, throughput, and quality.
  • Drive efficiency across your assets, processes, and workforce by using AI, machine learning, and mixed reality to predict and proactively resolve issues.
  • Perform predictive maintenance before disruptive failure occurs to avoid costly downtime of business-critical equipment.

Maximise the life of your assets

  • Better maintain your assets from acquisition to retirement by streamlining tracking and monitoring KPIs to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your mission-critical assets.
  • More effectively plan and predict maintenance to maximize the longevity and performance of high-value assets while reducing costs and production downtime.
  • Support various types of maintenance—predictive, corrective, condition, and preventative—with a single solution.

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


Calculating the total economic impact (TEI) of implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is one of the best ways to demonstrate and justify its tangible value to executives and stakeholders. Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the TEI of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on seven organizations who adopted it to replace their aging, siloed ERP systems, and to develop a financial model based on their findings to quantify the key benefits of this upgrade.

Read this report to learn how Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations makes it possible to:
  • Centralise and modernise your business.
  • Scale for ambitious growth and integrate Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with existing systems for fast deployments.
  • Enhance experiences for the employees who use the technology most.
  • Lower IT costs, reduce the need for complex customisations, and resolve major IT issues by moving to the cloud.
  • Gain critical, holistic insights with enhanced data through reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Realise a greater return on your IT investment with increased operational efficiency, improved productivity, and more wholesale and retail profitability.

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