Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enterprise Resource Planning

Flexible optimisation of operations, financials, supply-chain, and commerce.

Enhance your operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based, combination ERP & CRM system, where the applications can be used perfectly as stand-alone solutions, integrated with existing applications, or within your total Microsoft stack.

No matter what your business size, turnover, product, service, sales model or go-to-market strategy, you deserve a flexible, personalised, scalable, enterprise resource planning solution that naturally leverages the rest of your Microsoft applications to provide you the best opportunity to thrive. Dynamics 365 ERP gives you this in spades. 

The future of work with Microsoft Dynamics 365

What's inside Dynamics 365 ERP?

Why Fusion5 for your Microsoft solutions?

Fusion5 have a proven track record of delivering Microsoft solutions that delight our customers and produce great business outcomes.  As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, we are not only recognised as being an expert and trusted pair of hands for consultancy, implementation, change management and support, but we also advance access to product updates, licensing changes, and the ability to take our customers feedback to the source of Microsoft innovation, to help bring solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

Businesses like yours are already reaping the benefits.

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