Team Lead


Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Team Lead

What’s your role at Fusion5?

I am a Team Leader in the CRM pillar based in Melbourne. I largely work with a product called Pivotal CRM, although I have dabbled with Dynamics 365 also. My role is firstly to strive to be a trusted adviser to our customers from initial implementation projects and ongoing, in guiding of best practice and solutions. Secondly as Team Leader I try to be an example for the rest of the consulting team and provide them with support as they work with our customers.

What attracted you to Fusion5?

Initially, I followed a couple of colleagues to Fusion5 after they highly recommended the company as a great employer. The people I met initially only served to support that recommendation. One of the first people I talked to was Sven Martin who continues to one of our leaders today and that continuity of supportive leaders is a key factor in remaining at Fusion5.

What are you working on?

As Team Leader I try to remain involved in as many projects as possible from a solution overview perspective. I’m also getting my hands dirty with requirements and roll out of the system for a new customer currently based upon our Membership Management template, M360. In addition, I’m running as many training and knowledge sharing sessions as possible both internally for my team and for our customers.

What makes a ‘good day’?

When I’ve prepared well for something and that preparation pays off with an effective outcome for me and for my customer or team. This relates to training, requirements sessions, webinars, everything that I do.

What are you famous for?

In the pandemic I’ve tried to keep people engaged with organising team catch ups at the end of the week and sometimes quizzes etc for a wider audience. I like to enjoy a beverage on these occasions, so maybe not such a good reputation, but I am known for enjoying a social gathering.

What do you get up to outside of work?

It’s been difficult in this time to do many things but I’m lucky that many of my hobbies are done at home, such as playing guitar and cooking. Also, I’m lucky that my wife is a fabulous cook, so we spend a lot of time preparing and eating good food and enjoying a beverage or two in the evenings/weekends. Once we have more freedom, I look forward to hiking around some country areas also.


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