Chief Technology Officer

Edward Zarzour

Edward Zarzour

Chief Technology Officer

What's your role at Fusion5?

I am Chief Technical Officer of Enterprise Services based in Sydney.

What attracted you to Fusion5?

I crossed paths with one of Fusion5’s energetic directors five years ago when I was in a product management role for a Silicon Valley software vendor and I was looking to reduce my travels and find a high impact organisation to join, closer to home. After a few meetings I was extremely excited to have found a synergy and like-minded people – this is what attracted me to Fusion5, the people.

What are you working on?

One of my main responsibilities is maintaining our managed services offerings for our customers, this also includes Fusion5 and all our internal systems, applications and technologies. We have developed a Unified IT framework that enables us to successfully manage all our IT services, regardless of architecture.

I am now working on developing tailored roadmaps for all our key customers to take them on their very own IT transformations. It is a phased approach that demonstrates fiscal accountability gains at each milestone. It is ITxM or IT ‘anything’ management. Very cool concept and we are making it a reality.

What makes a 'good day'?

In all honesty for me, every day is a good day. Might be a work/life balance thing but also I work with a magnificent bunch of people. Our Enterprise Services team has a great DNA, we stay connected, we yammer all the time and share content in an easy, repeatable way and have really embraced all the O365 productivity tools we have rolled out. At a corporate level, Fusion5 managers are great as well and everyone I know is good at turning not so good days around!

What are you famous for?

I would say I am famous for my 'Can do' attitude, if there is a way technology can solve a problem or provide a solution for a customer, I will find it. Most of the time the challenge is to really understand the BUSINESS problem that needs to be solved. If I really do, there will always be more than one way to solve, improve or bypass the problem. Explaining this to my customers in a non-technical way is my favourite part.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I love spending time with my family, friends and pets 😊. I like to exercise and cook nice meals. Love golf, backgammon and chess when I occasionally have the time. I have been getting into woodwork with one of my cousins as of late so I will let you know how that goes!


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