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Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Stream... Microsoft Office 365 Productivity can transform your business - but only if you know how to implement it, roll it out, and use it properly. We can help with that.

Already got Office 365?
Where to from here?

If you belong to an organisation that’s invested in Office 365, then the chances are that you’ve already enabled some of the workloads within the product such as OneDrive or Exchange Online. And then perhaps stalled. Unsure as to what you should roll out next to benefit your users and the business, and to maximise the value of the investment you’ve made.

If this sounds familiar, we can help you develop an Office 365 roadmap.

This will help clarify (even if it is in retrospect) the objectives of your original deployment and to identify the key milestones needed to achieve your goals.

Getting Office 365?
Where to start?

If your organisation is considering moving to Office 365, then there are probably drivers such as aging hardware or on-premise technology which sparked your interest in the solution.

And we must say, Office 365 is a great choice.

In this instance, we work with you to make sure your deployment is a success. Through a series of workshops, we will first define your business objectives, then identify how Office 365 will meet your needs, and lastly, plan how we will enable companywide adoption of the solution.

The building blocks for getting the most out of Microsoft Office 365

Change management

There’s nothing more disappointing than rolling out a great solution which your people don’t - or won’t - use. Users are traditionally not involved with exploring software until the testing stage, which is often months down the track, so everything is new and unfamiliar to them. So much so, that it’s not unusual to see some of Office 365’s most useful tools, like Yammer and Teams either underutilised or ignored.

That’s why we use a change management approach to accelerate and encourage high levels of user adoption.

Based on the simple premise that you don’t know what you don’t know, we involve your users in your Office 365 implementation from the outset. By engaging with your people at the beginning rather than just delivering training at the end, they know what tools are available to them, and how they can use them. For example, when Yammer is rolled out, your staff will happily embrace it for its social networking capabilities within the enterprise.

Driving adoption of Teams, Yammer, Stream, Skype, and SharePoint

It has to be said, there are only a limited number of ways to implement Office 365 and its components. What we do differently though, is apply our Office 365 Sustainable Adoption Framework to the deployment process.

Our framework is designed to help your users to embrace the powerful collaboration and productivity experience offered by Office 365. In acknowledgement that what works for one organisation might not work for another, we’ve kept our framework agile.

Through application of the framework, we capture feedback from a group of users who represent a variety of teams across your organisation. We do this very early on in the implementation process, so from the outset, the user group is aware of and well-trained on the functions and use of the components of Office 365. The input from this user set, or ‘Cloud Champions’ as we call them, provides us valuable insights into how your organisation can use Office 365 to best effect.

Your Cloud Champions also give a voice to the impact of the change in culture and process that’s the product of any Office 365 implementation.

Identity driven security

Everything to do with Microsoft cloud is driven using your identity.

When you log on to your Office 356 platform, it defines what you can access, what you can be shown, and where you can work and access files from.

Usually, people have to remember multiple passwords to access different applications. Office 365 has a single unified identity approach, so you only need one identity and one password to access everything in the solution.

This one password approach can also be extended to accessing applications outside the Office 365 cloud network with the same identity. And with only one password to remember, users are far less likely to compromise security by writing their password down.  

We take a security driven design approach to implementation and architecture to our platforms. Security is built in to every solution we deliver to provide a better end user experience.

Document management and rights management

Say goodbye to managing your files in G Drive or H Drive! And ‘hello’ to Office 365’s structured approach.

With Office 365, finding a file is as easy and intuitive as a Google search. Not only is finding a document simple, but you can find the content within the document.

Office 365 document management also makes it easier to share your documents with others. Your team can simultaneously edit the same document, so all changes and updates are in one place. No more waiting round for someone else to do their bit, and no need to collate changes into a single final document.

And you don’t need to save your document as a new version each time you make a change. Office 365 automatically tracks your changes and keeps every version of the document for you, making it easy for you to find old versions.

You can also control who can access what and when. Traditionally, if you send a document to someone externally, you lose control of that version. With rights management, you can set permissions. For example, you can choose to allow an external person to read the document you shared, but not edit or print it.

License reporting and investment maximisation

Like anything to do with cloud, you are buying a subscription which entitles you to use the service.

It’s near impossible to maintain an exact number of employees (or highly improbable, at best). So it’s important to be aware of how many subscriptions you are paying on a monthly basis. It makes sense to control costs so you’re not paying for more licenses than you actually need.

We can help you track your license volumes month by month, so you are only ever paying for what you use. We make it easy for you to add and delete users to maximise your cloud usage.

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