An eCommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with your back office systems.

The NetSuite eCommerce solution for businesses that know seamless integration is the key 


eCommerce is a must-have sales channel, the starting point for some businesses and the extension plan for others. But getting it right means meeting the demands of a modern consumer experience - one that's fast, personalised and integrated.

SuiteCommerce, the ecommerce solution from NetSuite, is the answer you've been looking for.  Already powering thousands of online businesses across the globe, including very happy organisations here in New Zealand, SuiteCommerce has everything you need to succeed.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Features

Exceptional online purchasing experiences for your customers

SuiteCommerce will help your business be the standout choice for online purchasing with your customers. By creating an immersive, personalised experience, delivered on whatever device they choose to shop on, your brand reputation will grow along with your revenues.

With the 360 degree view of your customer that NetSuite's eCommerce enables, you will be able to tailor marketing, products and communications that will build loyalty, increase engagement, and improve sales conversions.

Unified Commerce Platform

Having a single source, and view, of the truth, is critical to organisations staying competitive, and being able to make decisions that allow you to capitalise on market opportunities.

Having a unified commerce platform that seamlessly integrates all core business operations saves you money (no need to pay big money to integrate disparate systems), time (don't waste valuable hours compiling data from a range of systems any longer!), and provides valuable insights into buying trends, product performance, and customer behaviours which can inform strategic positioning going forward.

Optimised order and inventory management

Not only will your customers benefit from being able to buy, collect and return their purchases easily and efficiently, but your team will be able to manage stock levels, procurement, warehousing and logistics like never before with a single view of your supply chain across all channels.

Flexibility to grow and evolve at your own pace

The beauty of NetSuite's eCommerce solution SuiteCommerce is it gives you the opportunity to expand at will. Create and manage multiple B2B and B2C ecommerce site for different brands, currencies, countries and languages all from a single platform.

You can even manage 3rd party sites such as Amazon or Ebay, with all sales data feeding through to your primary business management suite for real-time reflection of transactions and inventory.

Why Fusion5 for your NetSuite eCommerce solution?

We are the largest 5 Star NetSuite partner across New Zealand and Australia and have been named JAPAC Partner of the Year successively in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  In addition, NetSuite has consistently awarded us the 'Partner of Excellence' accreditation. Basically, we know NetSuite, we're really good at NetSuite, and we love delivering great outcomes for our customers.



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