ERP as a Service

Why own the cow if you just need the milk?

ERP as a Service

ERPaaS, otherwise referred to as hosted software, on-demand software or utility computing, is an innovative way for businesses to access, use, and benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning systems, without the complexity and large initial and upgrade costs historically associated with ERP software.  Some of the key benefits of subscribing to ERP as a Service include:


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reputable analysts such as IDC, Aberdeen and Forrester all report ERPaaS solutions as having a reliably lower TCO over a five year period.

Reduced Implementation Risk

By removing the hardware and platform software components, implementation times and probability of delays and failures and significantly reduced.

Continuous Development

Rather than waiting years to implement updates, organisations can take advantage of rolling updates in a timely manner, and avoid costly development fixes

Outsourced Skills Expertise

Outsourcing specialist skill requirements reduces costs and HR risk to the business, and frees up internal IT resources to concentrate on core projects.

Flexible Contract Lengths

ERPaaS can be contracted to fit the budgetary, growth and development needs of the business to ensure they have the right balance of flexibility, confidence and support.

Subscription Pricing Model

Businesses can more efficiently manage their OPEX budgets with ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription models, smoothing out lumpy one-off investments or upgrade payments.


A move to ERP as a Service is just one of the steps in your digital transformation journey.  By engaging with us, we can assist you in mapping your journey so you can meet the changing needs of your customers  in a timely manner, as well as capturing new business opportunities.

Fusion5 currently specialises in supplying JD Edwards as a Service (JDEaaS), and is building capability to extend this solution across our full ERP solution set, including NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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JD Edwards as a Service

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