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Getting it right with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“...Dynamics 365 pushes us to make sure our processes are giving us every advantage. We can now clearly see where opportunities are getting stale, or where we’re moving from one sales stage to the next. After our old CRM, this is a breath of fresh air for the business.”

Stuart Speers, CEO and Founder of enterprise IT

enterprise IT getting it right with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a market dominated by generalist managed service providers, enterprise IT are recognised for their experience, technical skills, flexibility, professionalism and sheer passion for what they do.

enterprise IT has near 70 staff divided between three offices in Auckland and Wellington.

A CRM hiccup

Like any company dedicated to giving great customer experiences, enterprise IT embraced the concept of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

However, the one initially chosen in 2013 was untried in New Zealand, and although a leading product, the way it was implemented proved problematic.

Fast forward three years. Many challenges and a considerable amount of frustration later, and enterprise IT knew that the only viable option for the company was to abandon the old CRM solution and find another.

“We decided to move to a solution which would deliver us the value and the outcomes we expected - and with a partner who knew how to ‘show the love’,” said Stuart Speers, CEO and Founder of enterprise IT.

A naturally good move

The company selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM and SharePoint) and chose long-time and trusted business partner, Fusion5, to implement the solution.

enterprise IT saw the move as the perfect time to modernise and embrace Microsoft Office 365 into the bargain. As well as enjoying the licensing advantages of being a Microsoft Gold partner, Speers saw Office 365 as ‘a natural fit’ with their new Dynamics solution.

Fusion5’s wide ranging solution capability also meant that the requirements to successfully integrate Dynamics 365 with Workflow Max (for job scheduling/tracking), and import data from the old system to the new one, were fully supported.

Best practice for better performance

To support their desire to grow into their new solution, enterprise IT opted for an out-of-the-box implementation.

“Right now,” said Speers, “we’re still very much at the 101 stage of using the solution’s sales, management and customer contact lists functionality. Our strategy is to focus on changing our behaviour internally so we can eventually take full advantage of its capabilities.”

But even using the new solution in its most straightforward configuration gives enterprise IT a new level of visibility. They can see exactly which customers are active, and how busy the sales team is, maintaining levels of contact and interaction. Dynamics 365 gives far more structure to the way the enterprise IT sales team operates and performs, and is applying best practice to how they work.

“We're using Dynamics 365 to guide and change our processes internally – for the better,” said Speers. “We’ve always had a well-defined sales methodology and reporting processes, but Dynamics 365 pushes us to make sure our processes are giving us every advantage. We can now clearly see where opportunities are getting stale, or where we’re moving from one sales stage to the next. After our old CRM, this is a breath of fresh air for the business.”

“We can now nurture our sales process, and with the ability to automate workflows and the accessibility of a cloud solution, we can pinpoint efficiencies and build on them.”

Exciting times ahead

Alongside Fusion5’s support, an internal subject matter expert is helping enterprise IT decide where to go next with Microsoft Dynamics. They’re confident they’ll get great mileage out of the new solution, in both the short and long term.

“Microsoft recently added more functionality around field services, which is the resource planning and forecasting side,” said Speers, “so we’re very keen to get that in as soon as possible. We’ll be more tightly aligned with what our actual resources availability is, instead of relying on what comes through in our sales forecast, which increases the value of Dynamics for us significantly.”

Adopting Dynamics 365 and Office 365 together has delighted the staff at enterprise IT. They recognise the positive impact the products have on working styles, and how they can use them to truly collaborate as team members. For example, using Skype for Business slashes the cost of calls to customers and reduces the need to gather for internal meetings, and it also provides workers with more options and flexibility. The Board are excited about the enhanced visibility the solution provides, and the way its opportunity management features promote more effective business development.

Exceptional engagement

Although their first CRM experience proved disappointing, Speers says they quickly learned their lesson. “We made sure our engagement with Fusion5 was structured. Adding the Dynamics practice to their business also meant they were invested in proving its value to us – so that was a good thing for us too.”

The engagement with Fusion5’s Microsoft team didn’t disappoint Speers.

“Our interaction with the Fusion5 team was really positive, they’re a good bunch. Their processes, the communication, the project management style, how they handled any escalations, the clarity -  they were all managed exceptionally well.”


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