Constructing a strong future with NetSuite.

Buildsafe constructing a strong future with NetSuite

Started over 10 years ago, Buildsafe grew from a group of small businesses to its current position as market leader in the provision of safe access solutions to the construction industry. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Buildsafe is made up of seven operating legal entities and has close to 400 staff. The company has head offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, and they operate 13 branches across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

The challenges

The company’s continued success and rapid growth stretched the capabilities of their current financial system. MYOB had been the ideal choice when Buildsafe first commenced operations. However, as the company grew, the small business system was unable to support their growth trajectory, provide the in-depth reporting required for sound financial planning and multiple entities, or provide the convenience of anytime-anywhere access.  The burgeoning size of the finance team reflected the legacy system's lack of streamlined processes and its inherent inefficiencies.

Buildsafe’s COO, David Lowth, joined the business in 2015 to support the founding Directors. The Directors focused on their core strengths of sales and operations and ensured that systems were in place to support these functions. Lowth’s focus was on finance. Struggling with multiple databases, he had problems consolidating and producing the information the company needed to make decisions. And MYOB’s limited ability to manage increasingly large and complex transactions continued to place pressure on the finance team.

The Directors considered a range of solutions to replace MYOB including Pronto, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics. After watching a NetSuite webinar, the shortlist was quickly reduced to two contenders, and NetSuite was selected as the better option.


“The key things were, do we feel comfortable with these people as partners going into the future? And will the system future-proof our business?”

David Lowth – COO, Buildsafe

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite can integrate and streamline Buildsafe’s processes, support company growth and provide all the convenience and advantages of a true Cloud solution.

Buildsafe was confident in their choice of NetSuite. “We were impressed with the way it was presented,” said Lowth. “We liked how adaptable the system was, the ease of navigation, the dashboards and the fact that it was solely cloud-based. It ticked all the boxes for our needs. It was clear that NetSuite would future proof Buildsafe.”

Because it’s a true Cloud offering, NetSuite can dramatically reduce Buildsafe’s costs and lower their TCO in several areas. There’s no need for Buildsafe to procure any more hardware, maintain middleware, or pay a large up-front license fee. Buildsafe’s IT department will be freed up from managing, backing up, upgrading, and testing the applications. Another benefit to Buildsafe is NetSuite’s free twice-yearly automated upgrades.

NetSuite is easy to dynamically ‘personalise’ without customisation. Furthermore, as NetSuite is a development platform, Buildsafe is able to extend the solution to meet other non-standard features resulting in a single database application across the business. This means that as Buildsafe grows, the solution scales easily to accommodate any current and future business changes. NetSuite can provide Buildsafe with all the latest technology in one solution, to give a single version of the truth. Buildsafe can enjoy much more reliable financial control, enabling better support of their business structure.

Why Fusion5?

It was quickly apparent to Lowth that the selection of their business applications partner would be as critical as the choice of solution. With a shortlist of just NetSuite and Pronto, Buildsafe had two primary considerations in making their decision. “The key things were,” said Lowth, “do we feel comfortable with these people as partners going into the future? And will the system future-proof our business?”

Fusion5, the largest 5 Star NetSuite partner across Australia and New Zealand, demonstrated to Buildsafe that they have a deep knowledge of the NetSuite product, and the capability, resources and ability to support their growing businesses.

Strong foundations for the future

The full NetSuite solution is being rolled out in February, 2017.

Lowth says that NetSuite’s automated workflows will save the company’s financial team time, provide a single application platform and free-up staff to focus on other areas of the business. “Rather than just generating financial reports on income and expenses, we’ll be able to work with company-wide information that will enable us to make better decisions for our future.”

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