7 Actions businesses need to take now

Your Playbook as the Economy Reopens

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As economies across the world start reopening, every business needs to reassess its strategy and operations to properly position for the recovery. Fortune favours the bold, and in order to get through this crisis, organisations must take decisive action. With that in mind, NetSuite conducted extensive interviews with hundreds of organisations, small and large, across all industries, over the past two months.

They’ve prepared a playbook (there's no sales pitch in here!) to aid business leaders in taking decisive action and optimally positioning their organisations. While no list can be comprehensive, NetSuite’s Brainyard research team has aggregated the questions being asked and steps being taken by the best run and most agile organisations.

7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now
This eGuide breaks down the actions into the following areas:

  1. Business Model Assessment
  2. Financial Check
  3. Health/Safety/Legal
  4. Scenario Planning
  5. Customer Retention & Acquisition
  6. Packaging/Pricing/Payments
  7. Organisational Alignment

Well worth a look if you're thinking that in the busy-ness of coping, you've missed a business blindspot!


If you are thinking about an ERP and you want to better understand how it could actually help (and whether you do need to change) then download our Navigating Change worksheet here. 


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