To cloud, or not to cloud.

What's your business ROI by moving to our cloud-based managed service?

A common (and very important) question I’m asked about Cloud-based solutions is: “What return on investment (ROI) can I expect if we move off our existing on-premise infrastructure?”

My response to 'the big question' is to first ask, “how critical is the business application to your organisation?” and then, “how many elements go into supporting that solution while it remains on-premise?”


The price you pay to keep your business running.

Why do I ask this? Because the majority of the solutions we specialise in at Fusion5 are critical to the day-to-day operation of businesses everywhere. They are the ones that require ongoing configuration and support to continually adapt as your business changes. And, they often have a large footprint in terms of their infrastructure and operational requirements.

Most modern business applications require a number of components to successfully deliver the solution to your employees/customers or partners. These components include the underlying infrastructure, support for that infrastructure (at a hardware and operating system level) as well as support for the application itself.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Depending on your business’ internal knowledge and coverage some of these elements can be supported in-house. However, in most cases there is a heavy reliance on individuals to support these business critical solutions. When issues do occur there’s inevitably downtime, which results in a huge loss of services across your business. And if the issue can’t be quickly resolved internally there’s potentially more downtime still while you wait for external or offsite support. Of course, none of this is helped if your support service then struggles to gain the remote access necessary to get your application back up and running. That is often the final straw.

Just how much is that all actually costing you?

What it takes for your IT helpdesk, internal application support and external assistance to solve an issue could cost your business thousands in terms of time, effort and lost revenue. And then, of course, it can happen all over again.

The actual hardware and software required to run your applications is another huge ongoing expense. There are licensing and maintenance costs to factor in, and support costs to keep them online and in a healthy state.

So, why move to Cloud5?

Moving to Cloud5, Infrastructure as a Service, makes sense because not only is the underlying Cloud infrastructure fully redundant, scalable, supported, monitored and secure, but your data is consistently backed up and replicated to a secondary location for disaster recovery.

Then there’s the fact that our Cloud-based solutions are usually hosted on shared infrastructure, at a far lower cost than hosting on-premise.

In addition, the Cloud5 team and your Fusion5 business application professionals work together, guaranteeing quick and easy access to support your solutions 24x7x365. The solutions that support your business operations on a daily basis are online and available constantly. Kicking downtime into touch!

Considering each of these factors - the internal support, hardware and software costs versus a Fusion5 Cloud-based Managed Service - you really start to see the benefits of moving to the Cloud and realising an instant, ongoing and permanent return on your investment.

Perhaps the real question you should be asking yourself is: “How much is it costing me to NOT move to Cloud5?”


Kris Jackson, Cloud5 Director

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