Welcome to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is available now - and we like it.

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available now - and we like it.

Microsoft refers to Teams as “the new chat-based workspace in Office 365”.

If you’re thinking “great, not another tool where everyone is going to post emoji-filled messages and pictures of their cat”, then please keep reading. Keep reading if you’re not as well.

It’s true that Fusion5 staff are predominantly dog owners, but we don’t think that’s why Teams is awesome. We think it’s great because it integrates the things we work with into one hub that operates the same way across all our devices. Suddenly, we can find SharePoint documents, manage conversations and ideas, schedule meetings, easily create knowledge bases, and keep track of the activity that’s important to us. And all in one place.

We also like Teams because it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each team can configure their workspace to suit the way they work, and only show them the content they need.

All the apps you need

Teams and their channels have a customisable tab-based interface that puts the apps and web-based content you need right at your fingertips. Here’s a sample of what you can add to a tab with just a few mouse clicks.

But wait, there’s more!

Yep, Teams is extensible. You can surface additional useful content in Teams by adding connectors to a channel. Want to see Trello notifications in your team’s conversations? Need to keep track of work item status in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), or embed a Kanban board?

You guessed it.

A few clicks of your mouse and you’re set. Here are a few examples of the available connectors.

If that’s still not enough, check out the Incoming Webhook connector that can be used to send messages to Teams from other applications. You can also package your own web apps as tabs, and even create a custom bot to respond to events and messages. How clever is that?

How to get it

If you have an Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium, or Enterprise Plan, then Teams is available to you. If not, don’t panic as Teams will be generally available soon. Stay tuned.

Ask your friendly IT administrator to pop into the Office 365 admin centre Settings area and enable Teams under Services & Add Ins.

Download it from the Office 365 portal or use the web app. Enjoy.

Need more info?

Contact us today. We’d love to show you how Teams will help you achieve more.



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