We won’t fence you in.

Why we’re solution agnostic, and why you should care.

Most people would agree that it makes sense to do business with someone who understands your industry, and the unique challenges, market forces, and customer expectations that come with that. A business solutions partner, like us, who already has experience in your sector (or vertical, as we call them) will not only add more value to a project due to their depth of knowledge, but can dive straight in at the deep end – and swim effectively from the outset.

In other words, when you choose experience over expediency, you’re not paying for someone else’s learning curve in terms of either budget blowouts or poor outcomes.

We can attest that working heavily with verticals comes at a cost though. We don’t get to pick our consultants ‘off the rack’. We deliberately look for talented people who have the relevant specialist business knowledge that supports the verticals we work in.

One size doesn’t fit all

While our customers love that we invest in people with real world vertical know-how, they especially appreciate that we don’t just have a one-solution-fits-all mentality. We refuse to shoehorn them into a specific solution to meet our vendors’ sales target agenda. Or to build up customer numbers in specific verticals, regardless of solution fit.

We are proud to represent, sell and implement a range of solutions from market-leading, indeed, world-leading vendors. Fortunately, being a multi-corporate vendor, we aren’t pressured to sell one solution over the other.

Why? Because we are about what our customers need to solve their problems, amplify their business potential, streamline their processes, improve the customer experience and more.

Why is this important to you?

The right solution is the one that works for you. It’s the right size. And it’s one that you can afford, now and in the future. One that supports your long-term growth, while recognising and addressing your immediate needs. One that works in and with your existing or planned technology ecosystem.

Above all, it’s one that fits you like a glove. A stretchy one maybe (with room to expand and flex and move with ease), but with the requisite number of fingers and thumbs. 

And your choice of partner, where does that fit?

From years of experience, and observing hundreds of projects, I know that your choice of partner is as important, if not more, than your solution.

Why? Well, I can answer that in almost a single word. Try: Vision. Expertise. Experience. Trust. Availability. Reliability. Capability. Competency. Knowledge. Transparency. Honesty. Flexibility. (Okay, that’s lots of single words, but I am sure you get the idea).

And our clients agree. That why we get this sort of feedback (thanks Jonathan Isles, CIO of CARTERS): “Understanding our business, working with us, being part of our team and staying relevant to our team is really important. Fusion5 scored well.”

It’s about what’s right for you

I’m not saying that the solution is unimportant, and I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for the vendors we partner with. They are the market leaders, and stay that way by investing unbelievable amounts of time, effort and money to make sure their products will develop and evolve in a way which will keep you ahead of the game.

But what I am saying is that we have built our business around our customers and keeping them happy. Not the products we sell.

Unlike single-solution business technology partners (who approach every customer with an all-or-nothing proposition), we don’t have a vested interest in getting you to commit to a specific solution. If the one we initially think may be a good fit doesn’t stack up, then we will have one which will be right for you.

On the rare occasion where we don’t have the perfect solution for your business, we will point you at a more fitting alternative with a trustworthy partner. 

Vertical show and tell.

Over the next few blogs, I’m going to talk about our experience across a range of verticals, and the solutions we have delivered to improve their operational performance, customer satisfaction, and scope for growth.

All came to us with different challenges and requirements, and we responded with the right solutions. Not just the expedient ones.


Great outcomes start with great conversations