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Too often our customers say to us ‘I didn’t know you could help us with that’ or ‘I wish we spoke to you sooner about this, would have saved us a lot of time’ or ‘Wow! That is a better approach’.

We listen to our customers and as a result this newsletter will be coming to you every 8 to 10 weeks to keep you abreast the latest in our Enterprise Service Management world and more importantly provide you with some thought leadership in this space.

Fusion5 Enterprise Service Management newsletter for Unified IT

What is Enterprise Service Management (ESM)? It is a pillar within Fusion5 consisting of several teams aligned to the movement of service management disciplines beyond just IT. In other words, we focus on all the processes, technologies and solutions that empower employees in any organisation (including our own) such that they can be productive, adapt to the modern digital workspace and get the most out of their company issued assets while operating securely. Functions such as ICT, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Risk and Compliance, Business Services, Facilities, Human Resources and more can all benefit from a unified strategy when it comes to supporting their employees in the workforce. This strategy is called Unified IT and is our cover story.


Like any first edition it is worth while setting the scene and establishing some credibility as to why we are asking you to invest some of your time perusing the contents of this newsletter and future ones.

Firstly, our strategic partnerships in this space are worth noting and highlight our expertise and ability to execute in both Australia and New Zealand. We have well-established solutions powered by the technologies from Microsoft of which we are a platinum partner and the 2018 Ivanti Enterprise Service Management APAC PARTNER OF THE YEAR.


We are also a significant managed service provider hosting mission critical ERP, HR, Payroll, CRM and Finance systems for many of our customers. We have achieved and are maintain an ISO 27001 certification using some of the technologies we talk about in this newsletter.

Lastly, our pillar has a cloud first and security first focus, especially now that we have reached 500 employees and over 800 customers. Minimising risk, ensuring business continuity and securing our assets (data, employees and devices) have become paramount and we have embarked on our very own Unified IT journey to achieve this. We will share with you milestones from that journey in each newsletter.


UNIFIED IT is a modern solution to a bunch of old problems plaguing IT since the 90s that mainly revolve around having many tools and applications in different silos solving one or two problems each. The problem is that over time the number of tools increases until a certain threshold is surpassed where ICT teams becomes stretched and can barely keep the lights on. This threshold differs from one organisation to another and how much IT budget they have, historically throwing enough money at the problem in a reactive way, fighting fires as they arose masked the problem to some extent. Of course there were side effects that arise form this inefficient state which are felt throughout the organisation, employee satisfaction with their IT departments declines, frustration increases and lost productivity due to poorly maintained and supported company issued IT assets spreads. IT becomes a bottleneck for the businesses trying to be innovative, some organisations started to cut funding to ICT due the lack of fiscal accountability which only amplified the problem and indirectly increased their risk.

If the above problem was easy to solve, it would have been solved by now. Like a lot of critical business processes, IT too is a set of business processes that require input from many stakeholders within an organisation. Mature processes need people and tools to make them work as designed, furthermore, processes need to be standardised before they can be optimised and due to the breadth and depth of ICT responsibilities there was never a unified platform to complement the people and the processes required, until now. IT (like many other core business processes) is undergoing a wave of digital transformation and ‘unification’ and Ivanti understood this and invented this strategy and called it Unified IT. Fusion5 is not only implementing this framework for its customers and taking them on their unique journeys, we too are ‘sold’ on its many benefits and are embarking on our very own Unified IT journey as well.


This month we successfully rolled out Ivanti Cloud across our organisation to enable real-time asset management of our laptops and desktops.

Key features include a micro agent based on bleeding edge IoT technology to enable natural language queries across our fleet and smart advisor functionality based on machine learning, to provide real-time insights for our ICT team for proactive problem management.

IoT agent: This cloud agent was deployed using our Endpoint Manager client agent silently and consumes a tiny footprint on each device enabling us to poll online devices in milliseconds. We are able to quickly poll for machines that haven’t rebooted in over 7 days, machines encountering blue screen errors and machine with firewall misconfigurations and then proactively take actions without the need to take remote control. The library is constantly being refined by Ivanti in the areas of health, security and inventory.

Smart Advisors

Our instance is connected to our service desk (Ivanti Service Manager), Active Directory and Endpoint Manager this provides us valuable insights into our IT inventory datasources. We know have suggestions enabled regarding reimage vs replace of operating systems, device warranty and software usage this gives us a much better grasp of our compliance risks.


Matthew Richards - Account Manager, ITSM

Matthew, tell us about your career background?

I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, and prior to joining Fusion5 I was in the Public Service for 10 years in a number of different roles.  I joined Fusion5 as a consultant, transitioned into the Service Delivery Manager role fairly quickly and then recently to Account Manager.

What are some of your career highlights?

During my time in the Public Service I established a 1st Level Service Desk for a department that had a very immature IT model, and later successfully delivered a Software Asset Management project that provided end to end software lifecycle management. During my time at Fusion5 I’ve assisted in streamlining a number of processes and updating certain offerings so that they are aligned to our customer’s needs, my favourite example of this is the current PartnerPlus agreement!

What interested you in the role with Fusion5?

Knowing that the Fusion5 team would continue to grow as the Ivanti (then HEAT) product offerings expanded I was very interested in the role as my input would have a direct impact on both the team and our customers.  Being able to transition roles as opportunities became available has been great as it’s helped provide an in depth understanding of our customers operational, tactical and strategic requirements and how we can assist them on their Unified IT journey.

What are you most passionate about in our UnifiedIT offering?

I still have a soft spot for IT Asset Management, specifically the License Optimizer – If I decide to switch back to a more technical role I’d definitely like to get back into the Software Asset Manager space.

Finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

If I’m feeling motivated I would either be out going for a hike in one of the national parks in Sydney or finding a nice quiet fishing spot.  Otherwise I enjoy reading and playing PC games in my down time, and if I need to blow off some steam I’ll be somewhere at the front of a heavy metal concert.



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