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July 2020 edition!

As we exit and course correct after an unprecedented disruption to our work and personal lives, we want to take a moment to applaud the resolve of everyone in our two great nations. Where there is humanity, there will always be hope, love and determination for the greater good of a united society.

Unfortunately, there will always be dark forces that try to capitalise on dire situations and inflict more harm, to benefit from a time of crisis. The number of sophisticated cyber attacks and sabotage during the pandemic reached new heights, kicking economies while they are down and prompting our governments to take a stance, and challenging the culprits to a battle by raising awareness in the public domain. The fact is. we are entering a new era of warfare and no industry is safe. Fusion5 is acting accordingly and fortifying its defenses and, more importantly, helping our customers do the same. We are here to help your IT operations and cyber security teams. 


Historically, Fusion5 has not been known to our 800 customers as a security specialist, but for the past 18 months we have established a strong and leading role in the Unified IT space and forged alliances with market leading vendors in this space. The result is a short and sharp approach to educating our customer base and having meaningful conversations that align with their corporate strategies ready for execution.

We have brought together our brightest people to simplify this historically complex and highly technical problem and produced a Unified IT framework like no other. We are delighted to announce that our Enterprise Service Management website has been re-designed to help us re-educate our customers and all A/NZ small to medium organisations on how to turn a new and innovative leaf on all things IT related. We are helping organisations like yours keep up with the constant stressors and attack vectors whilst architecting robust continuous improvement and business continuity plans. 

Unified IT (or Enterprise Service Management) has three mega branches:

IT asset management (ITAM)

Put simply, if you are not in total control of each asset, you might as well consider each unmanaged device a threat and an entry point into your organisation. The first question begs, “How many assets do you have?” If you cannot answer this question accurately and in real-time, every day of the week, you are exposed already. This is just one aspect of the IT asset management realm, there are many more.

IT service management (ITSM)

Put simply, if your support teams cannot help your employees quickly, you are running two significant risks.
1) Every minute a matter remains unresolved increases the attack window, especially if the underlying root cause is security related. As we all know, when employees decide to report an issue, it maybe already too late.
2) Revenue leakage - every hour your employee is crippled by an issue, it is costing you money. As we all know, sometimes it takes days to get an issue resolved. In today’s landscape this is no longer acceptable and exposes organisations to significant risk.

IT operations management (ITOM)

Put simply, think about your BAU IT Ops and DevOps processes. Can you be doing more with less? Are your IT costs truly under control? Are you still considered a cost centre? Are you valued strategically within your organisation? We bring you the people, processes and products to change how you do thing today to enable you to confidently and positively answer all the questions above. Demand is increasing and recognising that not all organisations have uncapped budgets to throw at a new problem or business initiative, our mantra is “Helping you do more, with less.” Our Unified IT specialists can help you with the business case required to request the funding to achieve this goal. After all, our ESM department had to present a business case internally to embark on our very own Unified IT journey :)

We have structured our website to align with these facts, offering easy to read pages and express ramps to our visitors into each of the four conversations: Unified IT (ESM), ITAM, ITSM and ITOM.

It is now easier than ever to contact us and start a conversation promptly, please visit our new pages at your leisure and request to speak to an expert:

New Zealand: Fusion5.co.nz/enterprise-service-management

Australia: Fusion5.com.au/enterprise-service-management/


This edition focuses on IT Financial Management. As every organisation starts receiving mandates of reducing cost and doing more with less, we find that managing finances (CapEx and Opex) immediately receives greater scrutiny. Then politics start coming into it, influencing the budgets required, the path an organisation takes, their stance on current affairs and technology investments they make. Needless to say, these outcomes are not always to the greater benefit of the organisation or business. Today we are sharing with you four suggestions to explore if you are serious about doing more with less and revolutionising your IT Budgeting capabilities. 

Transparency is key, there's no room for reporting data manipulation or speculative interpretations of the data when you are trying to make an informed decision. We are talking about fiscal accountability without the sheer effort and wasted energy (and cost) that still exists when trying to establish a reporting baseline. This remains a very common problem CIOs, CFOs and CISOs still face in many organisations. Investing in business intelligence resources and tools is not the answer, it is a band aid solution. Please note, we are not disregarding the business benefits of powerful BI tools and subject matter experts. They are absolutely necessary, but they should not be the first call to action beyond a temporary solution to be revisited at a later date, when the actual solution to the problem is implemented. We have all heard the phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ - this is the starting point we focus on. We also ‘Begin with the end in mind’. 

How do you make sure that your IT asset management disciplines, IT service management methods and IT operations are best practice, optimised, risk minimised and geared to do more with less so you can focus on your core business? This is what Unified IT is all about, invest in such a winning strategy then slice and dice the data (ideally in real-time) to your heart's content! 

Corporate alignment and organisational structure is a close second. Your organisation may not currently be structured in a way to mobilise the required innovation and operational efficiencies that will help you stay competitive and remain operational for the next 5-10 years. Company size is definitely a factor and so is the DNA and history of an organisation. However, it is safe to say the world has recently changed and perhaps your organisational structure needs to be reviewed and modernised as well. It is not enough to create a digital strategy or innovation or corporate governance team (the name of department or team here is irrelevant) and expect that it works immediately. It is unrealistic and also risky to solely rely on the efforts of a few people to transform your business; organisational change management is a must and so is working with a reliable business partner, at an executive level, that has achieved what it is you are trying to achieve. 

Due diligence is recommended and a very good investment of your time, especially if you are a key stakeholder. Put in the effort to truly evaluate the investments you and your predecessors have already made. Before throwing out a tool or application, invite those vendors to present a case that they truly understand your business, your challenges, and whether or not they are willing and able to be more responsive and reliable in the future. In parallel, absolutely look at the market trends and also invite new vendors into the mix to see what’s new. Then decide, or initiate your procurement process. You will find that vendors and service providers are also continuously re-inventing themselves, have had personnel changes and organisational changes just like you. There is no need to rush when you are trying to make an important investment decision, it is directly related to how you manage your IT budget and finances.

Finally, cheap (or free) is never what it seems, any seasoned professional can tell you that it is risky, short sighted and rarely part of the strategic plan. Buyers beware!


For more information on this please catch up on our latest webinar to find out more


Patch Intelligence is in full swing here at Fusion5. This is the ability to quickly identify vulnerabilities announced by software vendors and cross referencing them with our asset estate to identify missing patches. Our continuous improvement plan has us constantly looking at ways to do more patching with less resources and close the attack windows even further.

Last month we started our O365 automation journey. Our employees can request a new SharePoint site (or Teams) from our iHelp self-service system. Once the request is approved our Ivanti automation engine communicates seamlessly with our Microsoft tenancy and automatically sets up everything as required, with zero touch from ICT. Helping them do more with less, so they can focus on more important tasks and projects. Many more automations are planned, we will share them with you in due course!


Ivanti Cloud free trial until October 31st

  • Business Objective: Get your endpoints under control and manage their health, inventory and security through the internet. A must see showcase of the next generation platform for ICT support AND with your actual asset data in it!
  • All that is required is a 30 minute session with one of our Unified IT specialists to start the process.

Free patch management Proof of Concept

  • Business Objective: Quickly patch your employees' Windows machines over the internet as they work from home. Improve your security posture immediately. We have several options when it comes to patch management, regardless of how you do it now.
  • All that is required is a 30 minute session with one of our Unified IT specialists to start the process.

ITSM health check

  • Business Objective: Spend half a day with a seasoned expert to review your Ivanti or non-Ivanti ITSM platform and receive a findings document, providing you with an overview of key process improvements required to achieve greater maturity and operational efficiencies. Special rate of $2,000 AUD or NZD (ex-GST).

Please contact your Unified IT Specialists or visit our website to enquire about these special offers:

Australia: Chris Haggerty Chris.Haggerty@fusion5.com.au or M +61 412 329 399

New Zealand: Glenn Archbold Glenn.Archbold@fusion5.co.nz or M +64 21 901 872 


Chris Haggerty

Unified IT Specialist, Enterprise Service Management (Australia)

Based in our Sydney office – Chris is a Unified IT champion - dedicated to helping Australian organisations do more with less, reduce their operational risk and manage their IT budgets better. A veteran if the ITxM market, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

“I love doing my job. My customers rely on my insights and my ability to deliver value, in whatever ‘currency’ my clients nominate. I’m here to help !!” – Chris says. “I have CIO contacts who will ring me after hours for an opinion….gold !!”


Fusion5 is sponsoring 10 free proof of concepts valued at over 10K each. Simply follow the link below and complete a short survey to be in with a chance to gain immediate value in discovering unknown IT assets attached to your networks and gaining intelligence into potential exposures in the three areas above.

Please contact your Unified IT Specialists to find out more:

Australia: Chris Haggerty Chris.Haggerty@fusion5.com.au or M +61 412 329 399

New Zealand: Glenn Archbold: Glenn.Archbold@fusion5.co.nz or M +64 21 901 872 


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