So we won an award...

...why should you care?

“So and So” wins ‘Such and Such’ Award 2018!

We’ve all seen the announcements, but why should you, a current or potential customer of the honouree care? Why do businesses get these awards in the first place?

Cynically, you could say it’s purely to do with sales. “He with the most toys wins” right? Well, there’s an element of truth in that. In the land of IT Resellers, “Vendors” (those who create the technology solutions that resellers sell) like to reward their best performers with awards and accolades, in the hopes it’ll help them keep feeding their bottom line.

But before you hit ‘x’ as you think this is just a dark rant about the worthlessness of industry awards, consider this: what do you have to gain by engaging with a partner/reseller who has made a LOT of sales in the previous year? Let me enlighten you:


If a partner has sold a lot of solutions and/or products, you can be confident they understand the importance of ‘service’. Especially if they’ve won an award more than once. Customers know how to vote with their feet and if a reseller implements a solution badly, or provides poor service and maintenance, you can be sure word will get around. And that means sales drop. Which means no more awards. Partners regularly recognised by vendors for great sales, are also recognised for great service by their customers. This is excellent news for you as it means you have peace of mind that you’ll be looked after not only during the sales and implementation of your solution, but after the ink has dried too!


Practice makes perfect right? When someone’s sold, implemented and supported a great solution into a wide range of businesses and industries, it would be safe to expect that they are experts in their field. Especially when it comes to IT. Selling a solution is one thing, but being able to integrate it into existing systems, understand the unique needs a business has for the solution, and enabling the solution to deliver on those needs requires expert understanding not only of the technology itself, but how a business and/or industry works. Earning a Partner Award is an acknowledgement of the exceptional knowledge, skills, and expertise it took to be the best in their field.


By virtue of doing a job well enough to earn an award (which means delivering solutions that consistently delight customers with positive business outcomes and user experiences), a partner naturally gains experience. What’s particularly valuable about working with an award partner is that they can have experience across a variety of industries and business sizes. Through their work they have encountered, and understood, the challenges, politics, technologies and inner workings of a range of organisations, and they can bring those learnings and observations to the table when working with you. Their consultancy and ultimately solution will be richer and better suited to your unique needs than a less experienced partner.


At the end of the day, Vendors will only back a partner they feel confident will protect, grow and amplify their brand. Basically, they reward partners that make them look good, and if they believe a partner is bringing value to the equation, potential customers can be confident that partner will be a value-adding contributor, consultant and champion for their businesses success.

So we won an award. Turns out that’s pretty awesome. For you that is!


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