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Putting the membership in membership organisations often isn't a simple matter. Especially when the other valuable products and services an organisation provides to both members and the general public are added in.   

Having a Membership Management platform that can readily support the complexities of all the different products, services, membership and financial models an association may offer makes a tremendous difference to how your association's staff will use their time. Rather than burning hours and hours every week on administration, a solid membership management platform will free your staff to provide value to members, rather than simply administering them.    

Consider the following aspects of membership a good platform should help you manage effectively: 

Membership models and financials  

Membership sounds simple, initially. But there are many ways that an organisation's membership model vary: 

  • Annual renewal vs. rolling membership  
    Do your members sign up for a specific duration (e.g. a year) or can they get a rolling monthly membership? 
  • Rolling annual vs. renewal at a specific time  
    Do members sign on at any time during the year for a 12-month membership from that date, or do they sign up for the remainder of your membership year? 
  • Payment models 
    How do you manage receiving of membership dues? Can members pay via their preferred channel and regularity (e.g. monthly by direct debit, or up front via credit card)? How do you handle late payments? 
  • Corporate vs. individual memberships  
    Many companies have corporate memberships of industry associations, memberships that allow a certain number of their employees to gain membership benefits. Alternatively, other companies maintain their membership list and pay for individual subscriptions for members.  

What other services might you sell to members? 

Some membership associations - especially professional associations - offer additional subscription-based services for individual specialist areas of knowledge over and above their basic membership. This can help allocate and fund enough revenue into these specialisations.   

Associations often provide a directory of members for the public to browse (e.g. when seeking a financial advisor). Members may pay an extra subscription to boost their profile via a more attractive and powerful profile layout, such as the inclusion of embedded video content. Sports associations may    

What do you sell to the public? 

Here's where a membership benefit can mean extra complexity for membership organisations: members receive cheaper prices on goods and services the association sells as a benefit of their membership. This means the association must manage member and non-member pricing on their products and services. This can even extend to some being free for members, and chargeable for non-members.   

Some common examples include access to expert content (reviews, case analysis), branded materials (sporting goods, clothing), or services provided by the association or its members. In addition, many associations also need to handle donations - whether of goods (for auctioning) or directly via online payment.    

And how about events? 

Events are one of the major areas of value that membership associations provide to their members. Of course, members and non-members will pay different prices for event tickets, while both will need to be able to purchase events tickets for themselves and others, at the same time. For example, a parent whose children are members in a sporting organisation may wish to purchase tickets for her children, her spouse and herself, and it may be important that these are recorded on each member's record.  

In the context of a professional association, attending an event may also accrue points toward a member's Continuing Professional Development (CPD), so it's important that this is tracked accurately.   

Why Membership365 

Membership365 is Fusion5's powerful and robust membership management solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have considerable expertise in membership organisations gained through our experience, and we've distilled it into a great toolset that will improve your revenue while freeing your staff from administrative headaches.  

Because it's built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you'll also get the added benefit of a system that works perfectly the everyday tools you use to interact with members and non-members alike, i.e. Microsoft Office 365.  

Get in touch with us. We're happy to show you how Member360 can make your life easier while improving your ability to provide products and services to both members and non-members. 


By Jonathan Rickard


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