Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Welcome to the future.

"Dynamics 365 is the next generation of Microsoft business apps in the cloud, designed to bring together the structured world of business process and the unstructured world of productivity."

The level of excitement has been high at Fusion5 with the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ve been readying ourselves, immersed in previews and information, to ensure a smooth transition for our customer community.

But, it's not just about that. We believe the potential this product can unleash will help you level-up and continue to push the boundaries of productivity and customer experience.

If, like us, you love launch videos and being across the detail from the get-go, check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 First Look.

What does this mean for your organisation?

When we first learnt of Microsoft's plans some months ago our initial reaction was 'Wow!' We were immediately excited about all the ways it could help our community of Microsoft Dynamics customers and users in their day-to-day drive to work smarter and achieve their organisational goals and objectives.

You can also expect changes to the way existing Microsoft Online subscriptions are licensed, based on individual renewal dates.

And there are updates coming. They’ll be delivered via user-driven update functionality, in the same way as other Microsoft Online updates. There will also be updates for on-premise solutions to ensure everyone gets their fix of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

There will be a flow of messaging from Microsoft about the upcoming changes, so feel free to reach out if you need help understanding the ramifications of any of it.

How will Dynamics 365 help you achieve more?

The most exciting features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 align strongly with Microsoft's mission. 

Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the applications to achieve more, and enable organisations to be nimble enough to cope with the ever-increasing pace of change in the digital space.

The business apps (Sales, Service, Marketing, Field Service, Project Services, etc) will support all areas of your organisation. Foundational tools such as Flow and PowerApps will empower your business to create solutions which automate workflow between services, and to take advantage of mobile capabilities - all without code. The Common Data Model provides easy access to organisational data to deliver greater intelligent insight and action from the data your organisation generates. Critically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes connecting the different pieces of everyday business that constitute relationships with customers, employees and suppliers both easier and more cost-effective.

And all of this is without even mentioning the ground-breaking Relationship Insights, baked in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things capability, new mobile applications and more. 2017 is going to be quite a ride!

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365, call or email us, or check out these bite-sized videos on the Microsoft Dynamics YouTube channel.


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