LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 integration, what’s in it for me?

Everyone knows social networks help salespeople generate more leads. The question is, how to make the best of them? And specifically, how to make the best of LinkedIn?

"Ok, I have a LinkedIn account. Now I’m going to add some new connections, get leads and that’s it, done!" This is what most salespeople believe. But it’s not quite that simple. First, you need to appreciate that LinkedIn is a vast business network, and just doing what everybody else does won’t give you the ability to segment the audience you’re looking for. Second, it’s trickier to get insights than you think. Yes, there are plenty of people who could be leads. But you won’t find them if you create your strategy based on case-by-case thinking. Third, if you’re using a CRM, such as Dynamics 365, you have to interact with two different user experiences at the same time.

The solution? Simple. LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

"Oh, nice but how it will help me? How do I know it’s worth investing in?" Let's explore the ‘hows’ then.  Coming back to the segmentation pain point: Sales Navigator gives you an incredible capacity to filter the entire LinkedIn network. We’re talking about millions of people and filtering them to the precise point of who is the best person for your offer. An impossible manual task. But Sales Navigator has more than 20 filter options.

With the issue of lack of insights, the artificial intelligence provided by Sales Navigator solves the problem. It helps you to identify people who can introduce you to others, avoiding cold approaches. And it helps you determine other profiles that might suit your target audience, recommending people you wouldn’t have looked for as leads.

As the cherry on top, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and LinkedIn Sales Navigator now have out-of-the-box integration. That means salespeople don’t need to open two different screens to check a CRM contact’s LinkedIn profile. They also see recommendations of new leads built into the CRM user experience, and users can synchronise messages sent as "InMail" to a CRM contact's profile, centralising communication.

Result: LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enabled companies like PayPal to reach out to new customers generating an extra $300,000 in the first year, while reducing the sales cycle by an average of 25%. (Read the complete Success Story here ).



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