Microsoft Relicensing

Goodbye Microsoft CRM online.

Hello Dynamics 365.

Your days of using Microsoft CRM Online are numbered and you’ll likely need to transition to Dynamics 365 licensing before December 2017*.

Are you ready to make the transition?

The new licensing is complex and the potential pitfalls, many. 

We won’t beat around the bush. Making the wrong licensing choices could potentially double your costs. And if you try to cut corners, you may miss out on the significant business benefits offered by value-added functions such as the free portal, surveys, social engagement and increased free storage.

 6 Tips for controlling your costs

  • Take advantage of specifically designed transition SKUs that will lower costs for existing users moving to Dynamics 365.
  • Choosing the right subscription model (light user vs. full user) could reduce your user licensing costs by up to 50%.
  • You can further control costs by deciding which users need access to just one app, or to all of them - rather than licencing each user, you can simply licence your devices and then anyone can use these.
  • By doing a full audit of individual and team requirements you can configure a mix and match of team members, apps and plan licenses to achieve more value and cost savings.
  • Audit the full functionality available through Dynamics 365 - you may get options 'included' which you previously had to pay for with CRM online (eg non-production environment, social engagement, voice of the customer etc)
  • Consider engaging a partner who will facilitate quarterly billing for licensing to reduce admin costs.

Don’t panic, and don’t spend more time and money than you need to.

  • MAKE SMART SAVINGS - As a current Microsoft customer, we can save you money by applying short-term promotional and transition codes you may not even realise you have access to.
  • MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS - We can save you time, reduce your stress levels, manage costs, and ensure your licensing is optimised to your needs. 

Why talk to us?

We live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics licensing, it’s what we do. 

As one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners across Australia and New Zealand, we have almost unparalleled expertise and experience. Our deep understanding of the new licensing model will save you money, and our strategic guidance will ensure that your investment is optimised.


Get a no-obligation quote on your licensing renewal

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*  This is dependent on your subscription renewal date. If you are unsure of when this is, we can help.

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