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Newsletter - April 2020

Message from our General Managers

Kristy Brown and Paul Griffin - General Managers, Dynamics 365


What a difference a few months makes!  Our last update in December spoke of the year ahead, and our ambitious plans for 2020.  I don’t think any of us could have predicted this would be such a whirlwind of a year, with so much change happening with COVID-19 impacting everyone globally.  


Fusion5 are committed to supporting and working with our customers through this challenging time. Our Microsoft teams in both AU/NZ have been assisting our customers to be ready for remote working and to minimise disruptions to their businesses. Not only are Fusion5 looking at how we can help our customers, but Microsoft have also brought in changes to assist our customers around extended trials for tools to get going on remote working and collaboration, as well as other initiatives to support organisations as we navigate this uncharted path.  Fusion5 is well-positioned to ensure you can make the most of the various offers being released, so just reach out to us if we can help.   


The current offers and changes from Microsoft are: 

  • Delaying the time you need to adopt the current major release wave from April to May 
  • Offering a 6-month trial on Microsoft Office E1, this includes Microsoft Teams.  This offer is available to either new customers, or to additional seat adds for existing customers.  It’s for a maximum of 3000 seats and is available only to our commercial sector.  Fusion5 is able to set this trial up for you. 
  • Delaying the deadline for deprecating the Classic Interface, therefore the Unified Interface forced change will now happen in December, instead of October 
  • Offering finance options of licences and services for projects 


Fusion5 has brought the following solution offerings to the market to assist in this difficult time: 

  • Rapid Start Teams Assessment – for a fixed fee of $3,280 we will set your Teams deployment up for rapid success, ensuring the right priority scenarios are targeted, you have a sound adoption plan and that you have security and governance in place to mitigate risk.   
  • Power App for staff check-in – given teams are suddenly thrust into their own at home working environments, it’s crucial you are checking in often and can respond quickly if there’s something wrong.  Fusion5 has created a free Power App for you to take advantage of. 


Our thoughts are with everyone and we hope you all are staying safe. We consider ourselves very fortunate in that we are fully cloud-based, and set up for remote working - meaning we are geared and ready to support you in delivering your projects seamlessly, as well as being a valuable resource for tips and tricks to ensure you can also remove barriers to succeeding in this environment, where possible.  We’re here to help, just ask. 


Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams has emerged as one of the saviours of the Covid-19 lockdown.  With many businesses contending with employees that are scattered to the four winds, almost overnight, to work from home, the transition to remote connection and collaboration has been a jarring one, while for others, they barely missed a beat.

The difference between those two experiences is the way in which those businesses adopted and rolled out Microsoft Teams, as well as inducted, and enabled their staff to use the powerful, yet comprehensive, Microsoft Teams environment.

Microsoft have generously offered a free 6 month trial (see video and below for details) to help businesses through this difficult time, which we can help you access.  Fusion5 General Manager, Microsoft, Kristy Brown, explains what's included in this offer in her video below, as well as delving into your options for making sure you hit the ground running once you have it.

Meet with anyone, anywhere 

Host online meetings – 1:1, small and medium size teams, live events up to 10,000 people – with consistent experience across platforms. 



Online meetings  

Host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone. Enjoy features such as scheduling assistance, meeting note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging. 


Live events 

Hold any meeting live – large meetings, webinars, company-wide events, and presentations with up to 10,000 attendees inside or outside your organisation – with Teams live events. 


Audio conferencing 

Let people join meetings on the go with a global dial-in number or contact each other directly. All they need is a mobile device and Teams. 



Helpful links from Microsoft 


Interactive Sway for different audiences: 

Other relevant links to online articles:  

Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo In this hands-on demo, you’ll get a guided tour of Teams to understand the app and learn about key features. 


Wellbeing Check-in App

Staying in touch with staff in a non-intrusive way is a key function managers need to be on top of, and most importantly, being able to see at a glance where support or intervention may be needed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1

Microsoft are doing their part to help customers during this uncertain time with COVID-19.  One of the things they are doing is rescheduling the automatic enablement of the 2020 release wave 1 update to now be over the weekend of May 8th – 11th.   This allows administrators and users more time and flexibility to familiarise themselves with the new features.   

2020 release wave 1 features will be enabled between: 

Maintenance window: 08 May, 2020 – 11 May, 2020 
Maintenance window: 11:00 PM NZ – 9:00 AM NZ    

Although there is no expected degradation to service performance or availability, this service update is planned outside of normal business hours to help minimise any potential impact to your organisation. 

Each environment/org should see the new features and build numbers upon completion of the update.  Some apps will need to be explicitly upgraded in the Dynamics 365 admin centre to receive the new features.   

Please communicate this date change as appropriate with your Dynamics 365 Admin and users.  Please raise an iHelp if you experience any issues and Fusion5 can log these directly with Microsoft through our Premier Support agreement.

Helpful links: 


Knowledge Bites Product Updates



Team Member License Changes

2020 Release Wave 1 will introduce three new App Mobiles with pre-configured experiences for Team Members:


The above three apps are early access features.  You can opt in early to enable these features in your environment, which will allow you to test these features and then adopt them across your environments.  For information about how to enable these features, see  2020 Release Wave 1 updates

The 2020 Wave 1 release plan contains several items that talk about licensing enforcement. So, the actual rights for Team Member licenses are not changing, but there will be technical limitations on what the users are actually allowed to do (reference the most recent License guide for the terms of use.)

We also have to be aware of the restricted entities.  (We were made aware of a updated restricted entity list to be made available soon)


***MICROSOFT SAMPLE EMAIL sent to the registered Administrator***


       Team Members License Enforcement

We published the 2020 release Wave 1 plans for Dynamics 365, a compilation of new capabilities that will be released between April and September 2020 – reference MC202948.


To better assist customers with use right compliance and tailored role experiences, we introduced the new Team Member apps. as part of this release. For model-driven apps. in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation), this team member experience is now provided in the product through a set of designated apps. The designated apps. are as follows:

·       Customer Service Team Member

·       Sales Team Member

·       Project Resource Hub

Once the license enforcement is turned on, starting April 1, 2020, users assigned the new Team Members license, purchased on or after October 1, 2018, will ONLY be able to access the Team Member apps. and will no longer be able to access any other apps. such as Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, Project Service Automation or any other custom apps.


Based on our analysis, you might be impacted since you have one of these new Team Member license(s), purchased on or after October 2018. Please review your team member scenarios and migrate customizations, if any, to the new Team member apps. before April 1, 2020.


Although the enforcement will only apply for users with the new Team Members license, purchased on or after October 1, 2018, we recommend every customer with Team Members licenses to review their Team Member scenarios and migrate their customisations to the new Team member apps, as needed.


These restrictions are in line with use rights of Dynamics 365 Team Members license, as defined in the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.


ACTION REQUIRED: Ensure your Dynamics 365 application owners and administrators (customisers and makers) are aware of these restrictions being enforced in the product. Evaluate the new Team Member App experiences during the early access period, customise them as required and take necessary actions within your organisation for communicating these changes. In order to access the Team member apps, you must enable Release Wave 1 and then install the relevant team member apps. through the Dynamics Admin Centre, as detailed in the documentation referenced in this communication. For further details please see Additional Information.


Please note that identification of any issues should follow the standard support process.



The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Team

Common questions we get asked:

Q: Where do I see the telemetry data related to the Power Platform Admin Portal?

A:  Telemetry started rolling out end January 2020, this is available in the Power Platform Admin. Centre.  Log in, go to Analytics > Common Data Service and select the "Non-Conformant usage by users with Team Members license".

Q:  When will this change be effective to my Tenancy?

A:  This change is a spread roll out by Microsoft and will be effective upon your terms renewal which happens with your CSP yearly renewal.

Q: Does the change apply to online and on-premises?

A:  The change only impacts Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation online customers who have the new Team Members license.


Q: Can a team member license use customer entities?

A:  Yes. Customizing the Team member app. is allowed, please follow these guidelines:  Customisations to Team members


Q: What happens when my new team member app. has more than custom entities?

A:  The team member license will be technically enforced to 15 entities. (refer the License guide appendix D as per below).

Q: The new Team member app. come with a prepopulated security role/s.  Does it mean I cannot assign customers or my own security role?

A:  You can create your own security role to be assigned to the new Team member app.


Q: Will I be able to the Dynamics 365 App. for Outlook, it this still available to team members?

A:  As mentioned above there is not feature or functionality changes enforced. You will still have the ability to use the Dynamics 365 App. for outlook (refer to the License guide Appendix B)

Q: Could we also leverage Canvas apps. with the Team Member license?

A:  Yes and no! You can use embedded Canvas apps. within a Model-driven app. entity form, since these are just customisations within the app. itself.  You can’t access standalone Canvas apps. with just a Team Member license.


Q: Is this going to affect the user’s possibility of tracking emails and meetings from outlook using Outlook app?

A:  Dynamics for Outlook client is not a UCI app. and Office data is not controlled by Team Members Use Rights. Only the admin experience for customising and adding security roles is controlled through the UCI app - Dynamics 365 App for Outlook - which is available for admins (admins need to have a Full User license).


Q: Will the new Team Members SKU be based on the base and attached license only?

A:  No. The new Team Members SKU is independent of changes to the Plan SKU’s that were communicated in October 2019. Customers on the Customer Engagement Plan SKU or those on individual app. SKU’s will be impacted by this change if they have the new Team Members SKU.


Q: What about customers that have scheduled the transition to Unified Interface later than April 2020? They have done this because they need to validate scripts, plugins and integrations etc. more closely. Will the enforcements of these apps, follow this date, or are they forced with the April release?

A:  This does not apply to the web client.  Only customers on the new Team Members SKU will face restrictions, once they move to UCI, they will be impacted. We recommend that customers move to UCI as soon as possible and test the app. module capabilities prior to UCI migration.


Unified Interface and Solution Checker

Unified User Interface 

Microsoft announced the deprecation of the Classic User Interface to now be December 2020.  This means your business will need to have all environments transitioned to the Unified User Interface before this date.   

Your Global Admin may have received an email recently from Microsoft titled 'Change is coming! Automatic transition to Unified Interface'.  We at Fusion5 are here to guide you through the process of transitioning from the Classic Interface to the Unified Interface.  We want to reassure you this is a good change and help ensure the transition process is as smooth as possible.   

Microsoft has introduced an optional early transition service to gradually move all customers' environments to the Unified Interface.  The date suggested by Microsoft will be within 30 days of receiving the email, but this requires your approval to proceed with the transition.   

Please access the Unified Interface scheduling portal to view the environments that are scheduled to be moved to Unified Interface.  After signing in using your corporate admin credentials, the portal will show all the environments associated to your tenant.  Please review and if required, update the transition dates.   

Here is a link to the Microsoft website which has some helpful information under the FAQs and Planning Checklist.  Please also check out our blog post for an overview of what’s new with the Unified Interface.   


Solution Checker 

The Solution Checker allows your business to analyse their solution against a set of best practice rules and identify any problematic patterns or deprecated code.  Model driven apps can often end up with highly advanced and customised solutions as many businesses have complex requirements to fill.  With advanced customisations comes an increased risk in the way of performance, stability and reliability which all can result in a negative impact on user experience.    

Running the solution checker over your solution will result in a detailed report which lists the issues identified, the components and code affected.    

Fusion5 suggests running the Solution Checker over your environment before the next Microsoft Dynamics Release and before transitioning to the Unified Interface.  The Solution Checker will highlight any deprecated code or areas requiring updates to adhere to best practice.  Fixing any deprecated code will help to ensure that you do not run in to any issues when the next Microsoft Dynamics release is pushed to Production or when switching to the Unified Interface.   

As always, please reach out to your Service Delivery Manager or raise an iHelp if you would like to speak to a consultant about either the Unified Interface transition or for assistance in running and reviewing the Solution Checker.   


New Features & Functions Recently Released in Finance & Operations

The latest version of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps has just been released this March. It introduces new productivity features and enables a more personalised system. Fusion5 has put together a quick summary of some of the features that may give your organisation flexibility and time to get more done, with less effort, in a system that works for you. 

Saved Views  

The Saved Views feature now has added functionality which allows users to create multiple saved views and to publish views to other users as default.   

You can create your own personalised view with data fields added/removed or even with data filtered - and save the view!  

These saved views can also be pinned as the default view and renamed at any time; making it easier to switch between different views based on what you want to see and thus increasing user productivity significantly. The ability to publish saved views and let others take advantage of it can share the increased productivity across many users.  

Rearranging data fields is now also easier, as you can just drag and drop field on a page, without being in the personalisation mode. This can also be part of your saved views.   

Embed 3rd party websites 

Your company may have third party apps or websites that work in conjunction with Finance and Operations applications. You can now add these to run embedded within a fast tab of any page in Dynamics 365 - providing seamless integration! 

There will also be the option to embed inside tab pages within existing forms, or create new full-page – so you don’t have to leave the F&O page to run the app. 

Grid Control  

The new grid control has improved rendering speed with positional scrolling, so you can immediately scroll back to records already loaded in the web browser.   

Enhancements have been made to improve the general usability of the grid, as well as added benefits of:  

  • Mathematical expressions can be typed into numeric cells in the grid – simply start the formula with the = equal sign.  
  • Data filtering on the new grid control allows user to filter on multiple criteria easily with drop down filter menus  
  • Faster data entry now possible, as server side data validation allows users to enter data first and then the system validates data.  
  • Users can reorder Columns by dragging them  
  • Users can group data in the grid, based on values.   

The Grouping capability with the Totals feature, made available with the Platform update 29, allows users to group data based on a single column and provide a total. This gives users the ability to quickly perform ad-hoc analysis of data, without the need to export to excel. Firstly enable the Footer in the grid view, then simply right click on a column of data and select "Group by".

The grouping of the grids can also be personalised and retained with Saved Views. At this time, the ability to expand or collapse groups is not supported. 



Changes to Fusion5 Connect

Fusion5 Connect is a way for customers to learn tips and tricks about the solutions they’ve purchased, delivered by our top team of experts.  

Between March and September, new 5  - 15 minute long (bites) and 30 – 45 minute long (Insight) sessions will be uploaded monthly to our Connect OnDemand Library found here: 

But that’s not all – subscribers can access exclusive interactive training sessions with the experts, spending 1-2 hours engaging with a demonstration of the solution or delving into to more complex areas with plenty of time for questions. Subscriptions start from $1000.00 per year and allow all employees of a company to attend unlimited training sessions in the year. Alternatively, attendees can purchase a pay-as-you-go option. $250.00 per person per training session.  

If you or your colleagues would like to be on the mailing list to hear about new Connect OnDemand releases and training topics please email


Meet the team!

Meet the Fusion5 Dynamics family across Australia and New Zealand and get to know more about the team behind your solutions. 

Sara Milivojevic -  Service Delivery Manager

Sara could you tell us about your career background? 

My career has started and evolved around customer service, administration and sales roles across government agencies and cloud based technologies business. On the side of admin that I have covered were legal issues around imports of cars from overseas, and helping car enthusiasts with bringing their beloved vehicles to New Zealand. I also worked in Driver Licencing – auditing and maintaining standards around the North/West area of Auckland. In regards to cloud based technologies – I worked for a small NZ business that implemented cloud based POS systems that integrated with websites, power apps etc – I started as a Sales Co-Ordinator, moving into a Sales Consultant role. I sold the solution and hardware required for small to medium sized businesses – then handed over for delivery. 

What are some of your career highlights? 

Helping people achieve their goals is the highlight of any role for me. I really enjoy training others, I did a lot of inhouse training in one of previous roles, travelling around the country training others to certain standards was very rewarding for me. I love being able to push people to be the best that they can be in the role they are in. I offer continued support and guidance and seeing people evolve in their position is really rewarding for me. 

Sara what are you looking to bring to Fusion5? 

I am lucky as I have been hired internally and I currently have a good understanding of the Fusion5 way and culture. I am hoping to bring a positive attitude, new energy and an open mind to my new role at Fusion 5. I love a challenge and it keeps me energised and motivated. 

Finally, tell us what you like to get up to in your spare time? 

I love to spend my free time with my daughter Mia (5) and our little dog (Pomeranian) Beau. We love going to all community events, shows, concerts. We also go swimming every weekend, look after our swan plants/caterpillars as well as exploring our local Farmers Markets – the full mum life! 

Jaan Raadik Technical Lead CRM 

Could you tell us about your career background?   

Started out as a Dynamics Developer with Fusion5, progressed to Senior Developer then Technical Lead. 

What are some of your career highlights?  

My career so far has been Fusion5 – I’ve enjoyed all the projects I’ve worked on, notable larger projects I’ve enjoyed from a technical perspective are NTAA, AU and FDC! 

What interested you in the role?   

I’ve enjoyed programming since I was in late primary school – it’s something I’ve always known I was interested in doing, and becoming a consultant meant I had a great balance between this and working with people. 

Finally, tell us what you like to get up to in your spare time? 

Home automation, hobby programming projects and watching copious amounts of TV! 


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