Time to put customers at the centre of your organisation

3 main challenges facing the financial sector



Inefficiency - the kryptonite to outstanding customer service and business growth

There’s never been a more important time to put customers at the centre of your organisation.

So, what do your customers want?

Whether it’s phone, email or face to face, today’s customer wants great (or better still, exceptional) service. They expect you to know their contact

history. They don’t expect to repeat themselves. They want personalised advice and solutions they hadn’t thought of themselves, and expert knowledge and understanding from you.

Sounds good, right? But it’s impossible to do this when your data is all over the place, hard to access, and records of interactions aren’t up to date.

What’s stopping you from stepping up your customer service?

Sorry to say, but more than likely, it’s not them. It’s you. Old-fashioned, manual business processes not only frustrate clients who are waiting for answers and outcomes, they also stymie your employees who are just trying to do their best work. Repetitive and relatively low-value tasks provide a wider opportunity for error, can simply fall through the cracks, and are needlessly slow. And did we mention boring?

Why slow is bad

Slow response times present a very real business risk. You face not only losing customers who expect quick answers, but driving a higher turnover of staff (who, quite understandably, prefer to spend their time adding value to customer relationships, not shuffling paperwork). Unimpressed clients are a fast path to slowed business growth. Tip: Without automation, it’s impossible to upscale your business.



Lift your game with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Let’s talk about data silos

We’ve established that data silos are crippling when it comes to improving customer relationships. But help is at hand. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement eliminates the silos of data spread around your organisation. Instead, you have a single source of the truth, where every client conversation is relevant and personalised.

This means that with a complete view of each client life stage, current financial situation and future goals and plans – right at your fingertips - you can tailor financial guidance and loan advice to provide the best possible outcomes for them, and for your business. And with Microsoft PowerApps, mobile access to customer information is available wherever you are. 24/7.

It’s time to feel the love

Bring joy to your team. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office/Office 365. So, whether they’re tracking client’s emails, booking appointments, collaborating with other team members or storing documents, your staff are using everyday Microsoft Office tools they already know and love. Your team has an up-to-date view of every client in the familiar Microsoft look-and-feel they’re used to, making it easier to respond to client requests.

The outcome?

When staff engage with customers, they have the full picture of every past interaction - phone calls, appointments, emails, letters, even responses to marketing communications - at their fingertips. This has a profound impact with your team enabled to deliver the outstanding experience they set out to provide. And that makes everyone happy.

Why speed counts

Automate! Impress your customers and delight your team. When you provide fast responses to everything from approvals, to applications and inquiries, you free up valuable time to deliver amazing customer service.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement replaces manual processes with automated business workflows. For example, seeing at a glance where a client application is sitting in the approval process, means team members avoid the need to request updates from other sources, letting them focus on their client’s immediate needs.

Getting really clever

It’s time to work smarter. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365 working together will help your team become more effective in their day to day roles.

Imagine this. Use AI to let you know when you have an unopened email in your inbox relating to one of your customers. While that’s nice, it gets even better. It can also look through the emails and pick up on a customer’s sentiment based on how it’s worded. So, if the email has an angry tone you’re alerted to look at it quickly to address and diffuse the problem.



Stranger danger – the real cost of not knowing your customers

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to exceed their expectations. But all too often it’s an opportunity missed.

Why are you missing out?

Without access to a single source of truth, including stage of life, financial goals and current status, your financial advisors can’t engage in relevant and personalised conversations with clients. And failing to appreciate how a client prefers to engage with you (and it isn’t by sitting on hold listening to music) is regarded as a sign that you don’t care.

It takes very little in this highly competitive sector to lose a client to another organisation who offers oneclick engagement.

Where - and when - are you missing out?

Mobility is the new reality of field service, because we don’t just do business in the office these days. So, your field staff are equally discouraged when they can’t use their mobile devices to access customer information while on the move or during off-site meetings. Pulling information together from disparate sources and then manually updating the actions and tasks arising from a meeting is painfully inefficient, clunky, and let’s face it, unimpressive.



Stand out from the crowd with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Perception matters.

It’s important that your customers see your organisation and brand as sharp, modern and technologically savvy. The experience your customer has with your organisation will drive or damn your brand, and with social media at everyone’s’ fingertips, they’re not afraid or shy about sharing their thoughts. Lift your brand appeal, here, there and everywhere as well as having office-based conversations where you obviously have all the customer’s interactions right in front of you, it’s equally important to have that same information on your mobile device at face-to-face meetings.

Attending client meetings is crucial to any Financial Advisor’s job. And having a CRM that deploys accurate information to your team’s mobile devices in the field is the absolute minimum your employees and customers expect.

Microsoft PowerApps deliver true mobility, letting your sales team access and update client data on the go, rather than waiting until they’re back in the office. An urgent meeting need not cause panic and a mad dash back to the office to collect paperwork.

To support your move to digital transformation, all of the valuable client information collected (in the office, field or café) is instantly available across the organisation, without the need for paper records.

Support the self-help culture

There’s no doubting that how your customers want, and expect, to interact with you has changed. Round the clock internet access, smart devices, and mobile work styles have driven a whole new way of doing things. And one way doesn’t fit all.

That’s why Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement includes a self-service portal. Your clients can log in and check their information and balances, day or night – just like a bank. It also lets each client nominate how they interact with you: via email, text, Skype or over the phone.

To add further convenience (and win even more brownie points), you can also choose to have electronic signing facilities, so clients don’t have to manually print out, sign, scan and email documents back. Nice.

Security and savings in the cloud

Because Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is available in a secure cloud environment, it’s safer than an on-premises solution. And, when used ‘as a service’ (Microsoft Azure) there are significant savings in terms of purchasing and managing expensive IT infrastructure. Dynamics 365

Customer Engagement’s robust data security keeps client information safe and secure and complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

It’s a win-win solution.


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Increasing revenue – and why a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

In today’s market, knowledge is truly powerful. Competition in the financial services sector has never been ore fierce. So, to grow your business, you must differentiate your organisation with excellent customer service and new products.

Are you still using a crystal ball?

Is guesswork behind your competitive strategy? If your lack of real-time reporting and analytics means you can’t understand what your customers want and need, how can you develop new products and market them to the right people? How do you take advantage of customer engagement to interest them in a product which meets their precise needs?

And scarily, how do you know what your customers are saying about you on social media?



Ditch the guesswork with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Provide insightful information

True insights come from putting sales information at your team’s fingertips. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement shares information across the entire company, or at an individual advisor level. It reminds team members of their client interactions/tasks for the day. Everything a business needs to run an efficient sales process is at hand.

Be predictable

Ready-to-use reports include everything from real-time analytics of historical data to predictive information. Or you can tailor your existing reports, so your team can see what’s needed to run your business more effectively.

Pre-empt the competitors

Having personalised conversations with your clients is important, but it’s just as critical to provide relevant financial updates and new financial products as they come to market. This may be as simple as offering a financial health check or upgraded insurance. Don’t wait until your competitors are pushing their own offerings in front of your customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement hands you the capabilities you need to make targeted, relevant offerings via the customer’s preferred channel. You can also monitor the success of these campaigns, adjust your approach as you go, and automate the workflow within your firm.

Never let a chance go by

With access to a range of sophisticated but easy-to use tools, your team will never miss an opportunity again. And with up to date reporting on financial services trends, your firm can react immediately to market opportunities, either directly or via marketing campaigns. You’ll lead, not follow – and that’s always a good look.

Improve your social standing

Know what’s being said about your business, brand and service. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement includes a social media module, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of how the market perceives your brand. Stay in tune with what’s being said about you and your products - and where – so you can act proactively.