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You’re the wholesale distribution experts and wholesale distribution is big business. 

The scope of this industry is incredibly expansive. New Zealand government statistics indicated that wholesale distribution trading stocks amounted to $13.1 billion by the close of 2019. In Australia, the most recent statistics were from 2013. They indicated that the wholesale industry had $18.1 billion in operating profit before tax. 

This is your field, and we’re here to help you operate more competitively within it. 

We’re impartial partners who are dedicated to efficiency 

You know the wholesale distribution world inside and out, from navigating price fluctuations to managing logistics while keeping your employees safe. 

What’s more, given the current strain that the entire economy is experiencing, many specialised providers in the industry - like electrical wholesalers, health care distributors and others - are helping keep our communities safe by making sure we have life-saving medical supplies and the equipment for essential services. 

Your firsthand knowledge is indispensable. 

But every once in a while, it helps to invite in an impartial partner - somebody who knows what needs to change behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best. 

We’re that impartial partner. We know that wholesale distribution is a challenging business, and we know a thing or two about what makes you experts in your field. We want to help you enhance efficiency and build capacity for your business. 

So what’s blocking your path? 

Setting out on the path to greater efficiency is truly a journey. 

With your expertise in the wholesale distribution business, you probably know that getting goods from point A to point B is almost never done in a straight line. Some issues are unavoidable, but other hairpin turns, detours or slowdowns may be attributable to outdated technology, not outside competition. 

Let’s take a look at some common speed bumps on the road to effective wholesale distribution. 

Inventory management challenges 

Efficient inventory management is the cornerstone of effective wholesale distribution. While you probably have your in-house operations down to a science, what goes on outside your four walls may be more uncertain. Bottlenecks and issues for inbound or outbound goods can make your job much more challenging. 

  • Inventory blind spots: Do you ever lose visibility into the inventory process due to the different technology platforms at play in your operation? Reconciling data that doesn’t add up can take up extra manpower while reducing overall efficiency for inventory management. 
  • Complications unique to your vertical: The warehouse distribution world comprises several different verticals, many of which have their own unique concerns. Storing hazardous materials, refrigerated goods or electrical equipment presents unique considerations that require flexible, specialised solutions. 

Warehouse management issues 

There’s so much more to the wholesale distribution than inventory management. As with any business, there’s a variety of administrative tasks that need to be accomplished in order to keep the company running smoothly. Transparency is the key to frictionless performance. 

  • Siloed HR: Human resources functions, from scheduling to record keeping and payroll, too often exist on an island far away from core business functions. Wholesale distribution requires integrated solutions that connect order volume and workforce scheduling. 
  • Disconnected accounting: Financial reporting and other accounting functions can drag on unnecessarily, leading to a greater chance for error due to repetition of the same tasks. Think about how focussed on the future you could be if you weren’t spending so much time going over the books. 

The message is clear: You can’t play games with your business. It’s time to streamline your operations. This is where we come in again - your impartial partner for operational improvement. 

We’re here to help you remove the roadblocks. 

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. 

At Fusion5, we’re solution agnostic. We’re not here to push any one product over another. We know that your unique specialisation may have certain requirements that are best solved by a certain solution. 

That’s the first roadblock we’re here to help you remove. You shouldn’t settle for technology that doesn’t fit your needs. 

To get the conversation started, we want to tell you about NetSuite. 

As a top ERP system used by today’s wholesale distributors, NetSuite is one solution for overcoming hurdles that hinder success. 

Citing SL Associates, NetSuite reported that wholesale distribution companies that switched to them saw: 

  • Reduced inventory costs. 
  • Lower IT spend. 
  • Higher “actionable business insights.”1 

With unique solution modules to suit your specific challenges, exceptional financial management solutions, an efficient warehouse management system and end-to-end visibility, NetSuite could help you unlock hidden potential at your organisation. 

And here’s the thing: Even if NetSuite isn’t right for you, we’ll help you implement the system that is. 

A note on implementation 

We know that change doesn’t happen overnight. 

Between technical issues, culture change and workflow updates, implementing a new ERP system is a tricky business. 

That’s why, as an impartial partner, we know that implementation is up to us. 

We’re here to make your life easier. When it comes to our implementation practices, that starts with effective project management, transparent communication and proactive problem resolution. 

If what we’ve said here has captured your attention, learn more about how to select an ERP system that meets the requirements for your wholesale distribution company. If you're wondering how an ERP may change your company, then work through the Navigating Change Worksheet available to download here.