5 reasons why customers choose Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

We know there are lots of CRM solutions on the market, and it can be hard to choose between them.

Why does Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement come out on top for so many organisations?

The integration factor – they’ve got it together

Unsurprisingly, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement fully integrates with familiar Microsoft technologies like Outlook, LinkedIn, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. Integration is effortless, and you have seamless access to the functionality of products your team know and love. So, there’s a gentler learning curve and instant productivity.

Value for money – ramp up that ROI

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is consistently lower in cost than its nearest competitors. And a lower cost means a quicker return on investment. With Microsoft’s Customer Engagement Plan you get Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Powers Apps and Microsoft Flow, so it’s a complete, robust multifunction CRM.

You’re not locked in – choose your own direction

Dynamics 365 is built on widely-used programming languages (.Net, C# etc.), so it’s easier to customise and develop your platform. Because it’s not built using a proprietary code, you can switch platforms (and partners) simply and easily if you want to. Unlike other solutions, you get a wide range of development choices when it comes to tailoring your solution.

Transparency – upfront pricing

Dynamics 365 has a clear, upfront pricing model which includes many of the extras that come at additional cost with other systems. Data storage is also significantly less expensive than other major CRM solutions.

But wait - there’s more to come

We’re living in a time of automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Microsoft invests hugely in emerging technologies and pumps the benefits of this research into Dynamics 365 – and its future - at a tremendous rate, meaning the solution will evolve with you as time goes by.

Why implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with Fusion5?

We do it well

Fusion5 has the largest CRM consulting practice in New Zealand. Our highly experienced team deliver timely, award-winning solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, the 2016/2017 Microsoft Dynamics Services Partner of the Year, and #2 Globally for Customer Service. We also gained Inner Circle status in 2017/2018/2019.

We do it right

We use a proven methodology to ensure the successful implementation of your new CRM system. And once the project is complete, you have the reassurance of Fusion5’s

Customer Success Team by your side, backed by our Microsoft Premier Support agreement.

Our Fusion5 Connect series keeps you informed about the latest Microsoft innovation releases, along with training and high-value learning and networking events.

We deliver

We know your market – inside-out. We successfully deliver amazing outcomes for financial services organisations across New Zealand. We’re also the leading implementation partner for Project Service Automation – a must-have for the Finance Sector. When you choose Fusion5 as your partner, we not only address your CRM requirements, but bring our considerable experience in, and knowledge of, Business Intelligence, Social, Office 355 productivity tools and HR to the table.

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